15 Minimalist Sandal Brands That Are Anti-Trend, Old-Money, and So Luxe

a collage of models wearing sandals from minimal sandal brands
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Be real: How impractical are most of your sandals? Don't be ashamed; we're all guilty here. As fashion people, we've all purchased a few pairs of shoes that are far from pragmatic—whether they're incredibly uncomfortable, hard to style, or simply far too trendy. While there's nothing wrong with buying footwear that brings you joy, it might be time to switch things up if you realize that most of your sandals are collecting dust. You can address this issue in several ways, from parting with uncomfortable sandals to identifying staples missing from your collection. However, shopping for more minimalist footwear is the easiest place to start.

It's far simpler to begin shopping intentionally than trying to limit your collection, especially as a shoe fanatic. After all, getting rid of those stunning strappy sandals? Nearly impossible. But shopping with longevity in mind is a far more straightforward way to dip your toes into pragmatism (quite literally). The benefit of being more thoughtful about what sandals you buy upfront is that you can circumvent some of the issues surrounding wearability, versatility, and longevity. Plus, if we're being honest, there's the harsh reality that there's not enough money or closet space to justify buying different shoe styles every season. Therefore, it's imperative that you know not only what kind of sandals will outlast the trend cycle but also where to shop for them.

In an effort to help you in your quest, I've done hours of research to identify the 15 best minimalist sandal brands at every price point. (Note: Price ranges are on a sliding scale in which true luxury brands are represented by four dollar signs, contemporary brands have two to three, and so on.) These brands are known for championing craftsmanship, luxurious materials, and timeless silhouettes, making them the ideal places to shop for minimalist sandals this summer. You may never be able to narrow down your collection to only a few pairs of sandals, but shopping from these brands will make the prospect of minimalism more appealing.

The Row

a photo of a model wearing an all-black outfit with slide sandals from the minimal fashion brand the row

(Image credit: Courtesy of The Row)

Price Range: $$$$

Why Shop the Brand: You may already be well-acquainted with The Row, the luxury brand beloved by the fashion world for its ready-to-wear collections that embody "quiet luxury." But you may not know that the brand is one of the best places to buy minimalist sandals, because it offers staple silhouettes with contemporary spins with craftsmanship in mind. Whether you purchase barely there sandals or chunky flip-flops, any pair of shoes from The Row is sure to become a staple in your closet.

ATP Atelier

a close up photo of a model wearing strappy black sandals from the minimalist sandal brand, ATP

(Image credit: @atpatelier)

Price Range: $$

Why Shop the Brand: If you're looking for a sandal that you can wear on the streets of New York or by the sea in Positano, then there's no better place to start than ATP Atelier. Not only do all of the brand's sandal collections feature versatile silhouettes that can easily be styled up or down, but all of its shoes are made from sustainably tanned leather, making them a better option for the environment and your everyday wardrobe.

St. Agni

a photo of a model wearing a white backless dress with white strappy wedges from the minimal brand st. agni

(Image credit: @stagnistudio)

Price Range: $$

Why Shop the Brand: St. Agni has made waves in the fashion world for its sharply tailored staples, but make no mistake: You shouldn't sleep on its shoes. Much like the Australian brand's apparel, the footwear is designed to create a "modern uniform," or in this case, shoes that can be worn every single day with little effort. That ethos is evident throughout how all of its footwear—whether a pair of sleek leather slides or strappy sandals in a neutral shade—can be incorporated into everyone's summer wardrobe effortlessly.


a close up photo of a woman wearing white strappy sandals from the minimal sandal brand Flattered

(Image credit: @flattered)

Price Range: $

Why Shop the Brand: There's a common misconception that for a pair of shoes to be chic, they "must" have a heel. Flattered aims to challenge that notion. Founded by the Scandinavian-based couple Hanna and Gustav in 2013, the brand first set out to create a ballet flat that could be worn inside the comfort of the home. While the brand may have launched with a focus on one type of flat, it's become known for a full range of meticulously crafted minimalist footwear made from sustainably sourced materials. Whether you're shopping for a pair of stylish sandals, flats, or even heels, Flattered has it all.


a photo of a model wearing an all-black outfit with black slingback mules from the minimal sandal brand aeyde

(Image credit: @aeyde)

Price Range: $$$

Why Shop the Brand: The true indicator of a great brand is its ability to make classic staples feel contemporary; Aeyde passes that test with flying colors. Since its founding by Luisa Dames in 2015, the Berlin-based accessories label has become beloved for its ability to take functional footwear and make it, well, fashionable. With Aeyde, you'll find that more classic shoe silhouettes always feel cooler because of the brand's focus on finer details (e.g., sandals will feature a few extra straps or come in the season's trending color), thereby distinguishing it from other footwear brands.


a close up photo of a woman wearing two-tone t-strap heel sandals from the minimal fashion brand toteme

(Image credit: @toteme)

Price Range: $$$

Why Shop the Brand: If you've been reading our site long enough, you're likely well aware of the Swedish brand Toteme. Over the past few seasons, we've covered how some of the most coveted items among the fashion crowd are from this luxury house—from the infamous Embroidered Scarf Jacket worn by every influencer to the celebrity-approved T-Lock Clutch Bag. While it's easy to assume that the popularity of this brand can be attributed to the hype, the truth is that what's made this brand so buzzy is its innate ability to refine everyday staples, including shoes.

Jil Sander

photo of a model wearing a tan outfit with gray t-strap sandals with sheer socks on Jil Sander's spring runway show

(Image credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight/Jil Sander)

Price Range: $$$$

Why Shop the Brand: What's another luxury brand that has excellent footwear? Jil Sander. Since its founding in the late '60s, the Milan-based fashion house has carved out a space in the fashion world because of its sophisticated approach to womenswear that's carried on through various creative directors (more recently by Lucie and Luke Meier). Yet, the brand's apparel isn't the only thing worth investing in, as the shoes, specifically the sandals, are too. What makes its footwear such a great buy (besides the quality) is that its collections always strike a sublime balance between minimalism and modern aesthetics—making its sandals the perfect investment for style-conscious shoppers.

Dear Frances

a photo of a woman on the beach sitting wearing a raffia hat with blue tank top and black trousers and black mules from the minimal shoe brand, dear frances

(Image credit: Courtesy of Dear Frances)

Price Range: $$$

Why Shop the Brand: Even if you're unfamiliar with the footwear label Dear Frances, you likely already have seen its shoes on social media, as they've been behind some of the biggest trends in recent seasons (including the rise of mesh ballet flats). While its "trendy" styles have undoubtedly contributed to the brand's popularity, it's not the only reason. What's made the brand a must-shop among the style set is that each style is handmade using sustainable materials and artisanal practices, ensuring longevity.


a photo of a model wearing a white linen shirt and trousers with tan flat sandals from the minimal sandal brand amanu

(Image credit: @amanustudio )

Price Range: $$

Why Shop the Brand: Remember the adage about walking in another's shoes? Well, the footwear brand Amanu embodies that ethos through its bespoke sandals. Founded in 2018, Amanu is distinguished from other labels because it connects communities from around the world, one pair of shoes at a time. It does that first by tapping into founder Anita Patrickson's extensive background as a fashion stylist to inform its minimalist approach to design. Second, the brand partners with artisanal communities in Kenya and Cape Town to ensure all of its collections are sustainably produced by hand. The overall result is a line of sandals that manage to transcend trends (and even borders).


a close up photo of a woman wearing black thong sandals with tie-up ankle from the minimalist sandal brand Margaux

(Image credit: @margauxny)

Price Range: $$

Why Shop the Brand: Let's be honest, most sandals aren't exactly comfortable for schlepping around a big city, but Margaux aims to change that reality. Founded by Alexa Buckley and Sarah Pierson in 2015, the New York City–based footwear brand was created to combat the issue of finding footwear that was functional (and fashionable) enough for traversing the city. The brand has become beloved by city girls for how it takes timeless silhouettes and makes them even better through thoughtful details—e.g., adjustable straps, cushioned soles, and an inclusive size range.

Emme Parsons

a close up photo of a woman wearing a black outfit with black strappy sandals from the minimal shoe brand emme parsons

(Image credit: @emmeparsons)

Price Range: $$$

Why Shop the Brand: Although we may love the idea of strappy sandals, they're not exactly the most pragmatic investment for the long term—unless you're shopping from Emme Parsons. Since its founding in 2017, the label has become renowned for its meticulously crafted barely there sandals that meld American utilitarianism with European minimalism. While its offering of timeless sandal silhouettes is undoubtedly a big selling point, the quality is where this brand really shines. All of Emme Parsons's collections are handmade in Italy with sustainably sourced materials, ensuring you can feel good about this purchase for years to come.

Ancient Greek Sandals

a close up photo of a woman wearing strappy flat sandals from the minimal shoe brand ancient greek sandals

(Image credit: @ancientgreeksandals)

Price Range: $$

Why Shop the Brand: Part of the appeal of sandals is picturing yourself wearing them to a far-off sunny place; no other brand aligns with that picturesque fantasy as well as Ancient Greek Sandals. Founded by Christina Martini and Nikolas Minoglou in 2000, the brand draws inspiration from the iconography of Greek landscapes, sculpture, and mythology to create minimalist footwear. However, the brand doesn't just stop at aesthetically referencing Greece, as all of its shoes are handcrafted by artisans in the region to pass on the rich history of cobblers in the community. Basically, that means that even if you haven't booked a summer flight to Greece, these sandals can let you dip your toes into a tiny part of the region's culture.


a photo of a woman sitting wearing black trousers with tan flip flops from the minimal shoe brand tkees

(Image credit: @tkees)

Price Range: $

Why Shop the Brand: If any brand proves that you don't have to spend a ton of money to secure stylish sandals, it's the Toronto-based footwear label Tkees. The brand began when Carly Burnett struggled to find an elevated thong sandal that would "disappear" on the wearer's foot. Her frustration led her to create Tkees with her husband (Jesse) in 2009. Since then, the brand has become the place to shop for sophisticated yet simple sandals—as it offers various silhouettes, sizes, and neutral shapes at a great price point.


a photo of a model wearing a brown silk maxi dress styled with orange sandals from the minimal sandal brand a.emery

(Image credit: @a.emery_)

Price Range: $

Why Shop the Brand: Finding that perfect pair of sandals for the summer is no easy feat, which is why the founder Anna McLaren set out to make them for themselves by launching A. Emery in 2017. In many ways, Melbourne-based designers' initial gripes with the footwear industry have been solved because the brand manages to make some of the best minimal sandals on the market. The brand has achieved that aim through attentiveness to detail, as all of the shoes are not only handmade in India from sustainably sourced leather but have style-forward updates. Rest assured, anything you buy from this brand will stand out from other sandals.

Studio Amelia

a photo of mauve thong heeled sandals from the minimal sandal brand studio amelia

(Image credit: @studioamelia_)

Price Range: $$$

Why Shop the Brand: Hopefully, we've given you ample inspiration on where to shop for some of the best minimal sandals. But if you have yet to find the perfect pair for you, look no further than Studio Amelia. Frustrated by the lack of fashionable flat sandals, the Sydney-based founder, Emily Amelia Inglis, launched her label in 2019. Although newer to the market, the brand has managed to amass a cult following because of its meticulously crafted line of minimalist sandals that are only released twice a year. By operating on a slower production model, the brand's business model embodies the entire ethos of this story: the best sandals are designed to stand the test of time.

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