If Your Aesthetic Is The Row, These Minimalist Sandals Are All You

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Question for you: Have you ever sifted through the sandals in your closet and thought, Why do all my shoes look dated? We've all been there. However, we'd like to point out a fundamental difference between realizing our best pair of sandals must be taken to the cobbler and concluding that we never had any classic footwear from the jump. The latter can be particularly disheartening because it puts all of our spending into perspective. If the shoe trend we loved last season or the designer sandals we had to have last year suddenly feel dated, that's a bigger problem. We want anything we're buying to be part of our closets for the long haul, even seasonal items such as sandals.

Of course, we'll be the first to admit that it can be hard to discern what type of sandals are worth buying for spring—even more so when considering runway trends, budgetary limits, and everyday lifestyles. Nevertheless, there is one motto that can make sandal shopping easier: Less is more. Sure, it might seem like passé advice, but nothing beats the enduring allure of simple sandals. Refer to the popularity of minimalist sandals from quiet luxury brands such as The Row, Toteme, and Khaite as proof of their power! Therefore, the best way to ensure you never have those moments of frustration pillaging your closet in the morning ever again is to have a pair of minimalist sandals on hand.

But if you need clarification on which type of sandals can be considered minimalist, you'll want to keep reading. Ahead, we're breaking down six sandal styles that lean minimalist, making them ideal long-term investments. Plus, we've rounded up the 42 best minimalist sandals at every price point based on quality, versatility, reviews, and brand recognition. Prepare to fall in love with these sandals for a lifetime.

Flat Sandals

a photo of a woman wearing minimalist flat black sandals with white trousers and a strapless black top

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One type of sandal you want to make sure is part of your spring wardrobe is minimalist flat sandals. Look for a pair of flat sandals with a barely there silhouette and elevated hardware, ideally in neutral colors, as this will ensure that you can style them season after season.

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Strappy Sandals

a photo of a woman wearing minimalist strappy heeled black sandals with jeans and a white T-shirt and a large tote bag

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What's another timeless sandal style you can turn to regularly? The strappy heeled sandal. It's become the spring footwear of choice among the fashion set because the silhouette can be styled with almost anything—from jeans and a T-shirt to a sundress. Just be sure to opt for a version of this shoe with barely there straps, minimal hardware, a comfortable heel, and a color that can be easily worn year-round.

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Thong Sandals

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When you're unsure what to wear to the beach, brunch, or simply on a beautiful spring day, you always rely on one sandal style: thong sandals. Not only are these sandals incredibly functional (you don't typically have to worry about them being uncomfortable), but if you opt for a minimalist pair, they can be fashionable, too. In order to ensure the latter, avoid shopping for flip-flops made from plastic. Instead, look for versions made from leather with minimalist straps, neutral colors, and contemporary hardware.

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Mule Sandals

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One of the hardest things about footwear during spring and summer is discerning what type of sandal can be worn to the office—enter mule sandals. They're a bit more formal than a pair of flip-flops without covering your feet entirely during the warmer months. However, we recommend opting for a more minimalist pair to ensure that they don't catch the attention of your HR department (in the wrong way).

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Slide Sandals

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For settings outside the office, you'll likely want an effortless option that you can throw on without thinking; slides can do just that for you. What's great about this footwear is that it's incredibly easy to move around in compared to heeled sandals—meaning you can wear them to your local farmers market or on a trip in the South of France. However, if you want to ensure they're as elegant as they are effortless, opt for minimalist versions of slides (i.e., non-chunky pairs made from more quality materials in neutral colors with very little hardware).

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Wedge Sandals

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The final sandal style you can rely on to look good season after season is the wedge sandal. But we're not talking about the woven espadrilles we've come to associate with spring; instead, we're talking about contemporary iterations. In order to tap into a more minimalist aesthetic this spring, look for a version of this footwear made from leather featuring barely there straps, sculptural heels, and muted color palettes. Doing so will ensure that you look stylish throughout this season (and beyond).

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