These Are the 10 Best Maternity Underwear Brands

With as many joys as maternity brings, any mom or new mom-to-be knows that it has its challenges too. Whether it be temporarily growing out of your favorite jeans or pausing on wearing high heels, anything that can bring additional comfort or ease is much appreciated. This is particularly true for underwear, an item not likely to have been given much thought before but is now a serious source of consideration once your belly is growing. 

As your belly grows along with you, wearing your old lingerie becomes increasingly difficult (though you’ll be back in it soon enough!). In the meantime, you might find yourself looking for maternity underwear that will support your ever-changing needs throughout pregnancy. Instead of simply sizing up on your previously-favored brands, consider swapping to brands specifically designed for mothers-to-be. 

The best underwear for pregnancy tends to be stretchier, produced from light materials such as cotton, and have a full cut to support your baby bump. That being said, the decision to be made is whether you prefer low-rise under-the-bump undies or full-rise over-the-bump cuts. While the former is often less bulky and better for your jeans and workout attire, the latter provides significant support and comfort as you approach the latter days of your pregnancy. 

We’ve rounded up the best maternity underwear brands in full and low-rise options, with thongs, briefs, and everything in between. Scroll down for the comfortable pregnancy of your dreams.


GiftPocket is nearly universally considered the best maternity underwear brand with the highest reviews across the board. The brand’s Under Bump style has a low-waisted design that fits perfectly underneath a baby bump, but still provide plenty of coverage for your rear end as well. Made with 100% cotton, they’re nice and breathable (very important!).


Natori specializes in high-rise maternity briefs, so if you prefer full-coverage and support during your pregnancy, then this is the brand for you. Nordstrom reviews praise Natori’s styles for being incredibly comfortable and invisible under clothes, which is a big plus.

Rosie Pope

Rosie Pope is known for its seamless maternity underwear, with a focus on low-rise boy briefs and thongs (yes, you can still wear those!). There’s no irritation or constriction which we’re trying to avoid because let’s face it—we don’t need any additional discomfort on top of pregnancy.

Intimate Portal

Intimate Portal is an Amazon best seller for a reason. With cute, colorful patterns and the supreme comfort that a low-rise crossover style brings, it's no wonder moms are buying these undies all over the world. 

NBB Lingerie

These are best for true fun coverage of you and your bump. They’re made from extra-soft cotton and have a light built-in support band, with the tummy section expanding as you do! These will also stay put so you’re not constantly pulling it back up—a major must-have.

Hanky Panky

The same lacy Hanky Panky undies that you knew and loved pre-pregnancy now come in maternity sizes. It’s billed as the “world’s most comfortable thong” with the low-rise maternity thong sitting just below your belly. These are just what you need is you’re feeling fun during your pregnancy.

Belly Bandit

Belly Bandit is a do-it-all brand that not only has maternity underwear but also everything from belly wraps to leggings for the active mama. A favorite among celebrities (for good reason), they seem to have it figured out: The brand’s underwear is built for support, comfort, and compression for all of your favorite outfits.


Unilove’s Mid-Bump Undies are basically the best of both worlds. High-rise without being totally over-the-bump, they support your baby but are seamless, so there are no panty lines. They’re good for the early days of pregnancy (when your bump is still little) all the way to the last days before your little one makes their appearance.

Kindred Bravely

These are the perfect underwear to wear with jeans. Thin and without bulges, you will be able to avoid any panty lines and discomfort.


Loved by celebrities, Hatch makes fashionable maternity clothes that will accompany you from day one until after your baby has made their appearance in the world. Along with stylish maternity dresses and pants, the brand designs comfortable and simple maternity underwear. 

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