18 Long-Sleeve Dresses That Are Still Cute

Wouldn't it be nice if all clothes were clearly marked with labels spelling out "summer" or "winter"? It would definitely take the stress out of getting ready and shopping, plus it would keep us from having to constantly wonder Is this item wintery enough? or Is it too summery? Well, since we don't anticipate this imagined labeling system to happen anytime soon, we've come up with a condition that almost guarantees winter-ready looks—when it comes to dresses, at least. As you probably guessed from the title, we’re talking about none other than long sleeves! A long-sleeved dress is not only a winter yes, but it can actually be a lifesaver anytime you’re in an outfit bind. Whether you pair one with sneakers, heels, or over-the-knee boots, they can take you almost anywhere and make dressing that much easier.

So, without further ado, shop our picks below!

This beautiful dress can easily double as an on-trend robe jacket.

You can wear this little number all year round by simply swapping out shoes. 

We're so into the Western trend this season.

Style this with statement earrings and pumps for a night out.

We're living in this dress for the next few months. 

The perfect dress for the ruffle-obsessed. 

It wouldn't be a dress roundup this season without at least one velvet option.

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