Master Layering With These 15 Lightweight Turtlenecks

It’s already November, which means turtleneck season is officially upon us. Which also means, that from here until early spring, our turtlenecks will become our second skin, because whether ribbed, cashmere, cotton, or wool, this garment is a staple in all of our fall and winter outfits. However, as much as we all have that one oversize turtleneck that if we could, we would wear every day, we must admit that the real MVPs of the season are all of our lightweight turtlenecks

Their body-hugging fit not only keeps your neck cozy even when you forget to bring your scarf, but they are ideal when it comes to layering. They go perfectly under your button-down shirts, your dresses, and even your oversize turtlenecks. Plus, they can also add a subtle statement to your outfits if you opt for printed ones or even bold or pastel ones. Not to mention, their extra warmth is always welcome. And who doesn’t want (and need) that during the chilliest of days? We sure do.

To help keep your layering game strong, as well as your turtleneck collection completely updated for all those chilly days to come, we've rounded up five places where you can find the best lightweight sweaters that will keep you warm and make you a layering pro. From your usual must-have fall and winter colors to trendy prints and hues, we’ve got you covered (literally).

Want to expand your ribbed turtleneck collection too? Look no further.