I Live in L.A., But These Are the Rain-Boots Outfits I Dream of Wearing



Maybe it's because my mom's British, but I love the rain. Everything about it, from the smell of the first drops on cement to the beautiful post-shower skies, makes me feel so happy. Why I live in one of the driest cities in the United States is, honestly, beyond me. Once fall hits, I spend more time than I care to admit fawning over all the full-on fall looks I see in places with frequent rainfall. Wellies with oversize jackets; Chelsea boots with knit dresses; knee-highs with big sweaters; even lug-sole boots with a simple denim outfit get me feeling envious. Sure, nothing is really stopping me from wearing these outfits whenever I want, but you can't tell me strutting outside in sunny 80-degree weather is the same as splashing through puddles in your rain boots. Oh, and you don't consider mock-croc heeled knee-highs to be rain boots? What do you expect me to actually know about the rain? I'm from California, after all.

Oversize Blazer + Wrap Skirt + Sheer Tights + Wellies

Best rain-boots outfits



I love this modern take on classic Wellingtons from the likes of designers like Ganni. Pairing sheer tights with Wellies creates a super-cool vibe whether you're wearing a classic or contemporary pair. From there, layer together an all-black skirt-sweater ensemble or go for a long-sleeve dress—just don't forget the oversize blazer.

Knit Dress + Layered Long-Sleeve Top + Mid-Calf Boots

Knit dress and rain boots outfit



Layering tops under dresses in fall and winter is such a classic move—one that looks even more stylish with the knit dresses I'm seeing on every fashion girl these days. This is a look that depends a lot on the shoe you pick: A heel or mule is too dressy for me, but a lug-sole leather boot? That gives this outfit the kind of edge I'm after in the cooler months.

Blazer and knee-high boots outfit



Okay, this outfit may look a lot like the first option I gave you, but I'm here to tell you that an all-neutrals look is a totally different animal. I'm putting together all my beige and brown pieces when I'm looking to make a statement, which is exactly why knee-high heeled boots are the shoe here. Maybe you wouldn't wear them in a torrential downpour, but are you even going outside during one of those, anyway?

Workwear Jacket + Hoodie + Jeans + Lug-Sole Boots

We warned you the "grunge" trend would make a comeback this fall, and I am all about it. There's such an effortlessness about throwing on your favorite pair of denim, a hoodie, and a big workwear jacket that is really appropriate while we continue to shelter in place. There was a time when maybe this outfit screamed "lazy day," but I'm pretty happy I can call it my everyday go-to.

Leather pants and rain boots



As I write this, it's 90 degrees in Los Angeles, and the sun is streaming through my window with ferocious intensity. I would give anything to be in the crispest cold, wearing exactly this outfit. There isn't a cooler winter look than tucking Chelsea boots into leather pants and throwing a giant wool coat on top.