The Customer Reviews Have Spoken: These Are the 15 Best Lifting Bras

Here at Who What Wear, we love shopping, but there is still one form we seem to struggle with the most: bra shopping. Why does the search for the perfect bra seem like a neverending battle? That’s because no two busts are the same, and there are so many options for a laundry list of needs.

When bra shopping, it’s important to pay attention to the goal of the product and make sure it matches exactly what you're looking for according to your wardrobe. Whether you want Kim Kardashian West cleavage or a barely there bralette, your best bet is to make a list of what you're seeking and then read the reviews to cut through the clutter.

To help you do so, I’ve focused on finding the best bras that lift and support and to save you a whole lot of time, I've even scoured the internet to find the highest rated bras in this category for women of all sizes. I’ve hacked through hundreds of customer reviews and chosen 15 different styles that shoppers were compelled to glow about. If it's available when reading reviews, be sure to note the reviewer’s size. Even though she won’t be identical to your shape, it helps minimize confusion when deciding what’s best for you.

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"In the past, I've always compromised comfort to lift and support my girls, until now. I bought two of the T-shirt bras in a 46D and I absolutely love them. I don't have any more sagging, and they fit and feel great. I liked them so much I bought a couple for my daughter (who wears a 36D). She loves them too! We finally found a bra that does it all." — Rodney, 46D

"I just ran a six-mile trail race in the T-Shirt Bra (by accident)! But it is so comfortable that I forgot to change into a sports bra and didn’t even notice until I got home from the race! I am super impressed by the support and comfort." — Kara, 32C

"I have tried so many strapless bras, and they ALL fall down constantly. This bra was so comfortable that it felt like a normal strapped bra and DID NOT FALL at all! I am so pleased with this purchase. Yesterday was the first day I have worn spaghetti straps since prom (10 years ago). I thought that would never happen again." — Taylor

"This bra is super comfortable and looks pretty. I love the way it lifts the girls. I'm wearing a 36G and often find the band pulling away from my chest, but not with this one." — Tabitha, 36G

"Being a larger size, this bra has all the features I was looking for, great fit and support, comfortable and pretty. This is one of my favorite bras by Soma!" —Lanza

"My DDD girls are more bottom-heavy, which can make full coverage bras too big at the top of the cup sometimes. This bra is perfect for me, lots of support without the gaping. I also can have problems with wires digging, and I haven't had a problem with this style. So comfy" — Panda174

"I have struggled to find a comfortable and supportive bra for years. This bra is just WOW! I can wear it all day and look great. I just ordered another one in white." — Carrie, 40E

"I am a fan of Natori, but was recently fitted and tried on this particular bra and loved it. It provides good coverage, great support and the material is incredibly soft. I would recommend for anyone wanting something pretty that still provides support." — Tiffany

"I'm small. I am a 30 but with very full girls, and they need support, which is hard to find. This gorgeous bra does that, and works under almost every kind of clothing, including T-shirts. It's expensive but worth every penny." — Sheri, 30DD

"My absolute favorite bra. Comfortable, pretty, gives nice shape without feeling like you're in a straight-jacket. I have a terrible time finding bras, and this is my go-to for everyday wear. One complaint is that it drives me crazy that they only offer certain colors at certain times (finding clean white one is difficult), so buy them when you see them." — Paige

"I love how this bra fits; [it's] super comfortable, and makes my bust look great! I would buy it in more colors." — Holly

"I love the construction of this bra. It makes you look very perky in a natural way.  The great thing about this is how strong the molded cups are. It lifts and supports, but allows for natural movement at the top. A lot of bras either only hold you in or cover." —Ruby

"Low-cut with support? Almost unheard of till now! It does not show in a low cut dress or an unbuttoned shirt. The wire is smooth and very supportive. The color is rich, and there is no excess lining or material. I feel like I’m getting away with wearing nothing. It's so pretty and practical!" — Nancy

"I chose this bra because I have been experiencing discomfort with my wired bras and wanted to try something different. I’m so glad I did. Other non-wired bras had left me with droopy boobs but not this one. I’m an F cup and this bra left me comfortable and looking good. I loved it so much I bought a second one." — Lincoln, F Cup

"I had never bought a bra online before because I was reluctant to commit to something without trying it on first. But this fit like a glove. It's so soft and comfortable I haven't worn any of my other bras ever since. There are no ugly lines when you wear something tight and there is no readjusting. It gives you a good lift without compression." — Magdelena

"I love how this bra holds me up! Most bras try the "lift and separate," which seems to make my girls in the way of arm movement! This bra helps with that, more front and center. My only issue is the material is very noisy with certain fabrics on my tops. Noisy when I have to adjust my tops, like pulling it down. Just can't wear this bra with everything." — Sue

"The Elomi Cate is the updated Caitlyn and it has some great improvements. The bra continues to be super supportive and comfortable. The straps are ridged stretch so you get the comfort with more support. I also love the new colors. The Cate seems to bring the breasts a bit more forward, within the bodyline, which means there is more side support. This is definitely a go-to for me." — Murphy

"I was so I was worried that this bra wouldn’t give my girls enough support or shape as I usually wear a 38C with underwire. I tried the bra without the pads, (the pads do add shape), and the straps hold me up well. The all-day comfort is amazing!! I love the smooth look under my clothes, and having no hooks rocks! It is comfortable beyond belief." — Georgia, 38C

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Ed. note: Reviews have been lightly edited for clarity where necessary.