LED Face Masks Are Worth the Splurge But Only If You Know the Best Ones to Buy

Best LED Face Masks



You already know that we're huge fans of LED masks here. And we're not the only ones obsessed—Bella Hadid, Chrissy Teigen, Kate Hudson, Kourtney Kardashian (the list goes on) have all praised light therapy.

But for those of you who may not be familiar with the at-home treatment yet, we have a few experts who can fill you in on the benefits these devices provide. "Studies suggest that LED light therapy is beneficial," explains board-certified cosmetic dermatologist Blair Murphy-Rose, MD. "Red light has been shown to reduce inflammation in the skin and to stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen, which can reduce and prevent wrinkles and can improve skin texture. Red light is often thought of as the 'anti-aging' light, while blue light is the 'anti-acne' light. Blue light has been demonstrated to treat acne by reducing P. acnes bacteria and by decreasing the activity of acne-promoting oil glands. Optimal results will be achieved while combining light therapy treatments with a well-designed skincare routine and to consider in-office procedures that are capable of bringing about the most significant improvements."

Many masks are designed for quick treatments (starting at 10 minutes a session) and can be a nice addition to any skincare routine since they require pretty much no extra effort. But with these kinds of devices becoming more popular, it can also be tough to know which ones offer the best results and which one is right for your particular skin type. For a little expert advice and device recommendations, keep scrolling below.

How to Choose the Best LED Face Mask

Best LED Face Masks



When selecting the right device for you, experts say it's important to keep your skincare goals in mind. "It is really important to choose the proper wavelength for your skin concerns," says Michele Farber, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. "Red light is good for anti-aging, stimulating collagen, and reducing inflammation. Blue light is best for reducing acne-causing bacteria and helping to control oil production. Devices that offer adjustable settings and different wavelengths of light are best for customizing treatments."

Now, I know you may be eager to go out and snag one in the bargain bin, but Murphy-Rose also recommends using an FDA-cleared device from a reputable company. The masks that are most effective contain medical-grade wavelengths of light and are costly because of it. Quality devices are ones that contain the same caliber of LED therapy that dermatologists and aestheticians use in their practices. So yeah, don't be alarmed if you see a few masks on this list that cost a pretty penny—these devices deliver quick results and may even rival a treatment at a professional's office if used consistently. Without further ado, keep scrolling for the best LED face masks at a few different price points.

I have this device from Newkey and think it's one of the best options at a lower price point than other masks out there on the market. It offers seven light colors, and you can change the strength of the light and the duration of the treatment. It's a great option for those who are new to light therapy and would like help with moderate acne and fine lines and wrinkles.

Aphrona also offers seven light color options and is FDA cleared. 

If Bella Hadid loves it, this mask must be doing something right. This FDA-cleared option from Omnilux provides red light therapy proven to help reduce fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and redness. This mask comes recommended by Farber as well as the brand's Clear Mask ($395), which targets acne. 

Our very own senior beauty editor, Erin Jahns, is a fan of this luxe LED face mask from Dr. Dennis Gross. There are three treatment options with this mask: red light therapy, blue light therapy, and a combination of the two. It really allows you to customize your results and even helps prevent future breakouts.

Best LED Face Masks



CurrentBody's Skin LED Mask uses red light in 10-minute treatment increments to boost skin cell productivity. It gives skin a more youthful appearance by stimulating collagen production, improving the appearance of fine lines, evening the skin tone, brightening, and tightening. 

This red light therapy mask combines red and near-infrared LED technologies to enhance your natural glow. It mimics the low-level rejuvenating wavelengths found in natural sunlight and leaves your skin extra radiant.

I recently started using MZ Skin's LED 2.0 Supercharged Mask and have really been loving it. Yes, this is most definitely a pricier option (borderline unrealistic), but hear me out. There are two treatment modes, it's medical-grade light therapy, and it is FDA-cleared. I really liked using the acne mode with red and blue light designed to treat and calm the skin. I've noticed some huge improvements in a patch of blemishes I've had on the lower left side of my face, and the treatment only takes 10 minutes per session. It really doesn't require much extra effort, so I'd say it's worth adding something like this to your routine. It's simple and effective and delivers a side of an extra glow—something I think we can all get behind.

Best LED Face Masks



Skin Gym's option is a tad budget-friendlier. The mask features blue, red, and orange light therapy designed for acne-prone skin. The addition of orange light is nice because it is said to help give dull skin more of a youthful glow.

This mask from The Light Salon is an at-home version of the brand's in-salon Skin Health & Rejuvenation Treatment. It does exactly what it sounds like with the addition of plumping and brightening the skin. The mask also improves cell activity and treats all layers of the skin by stimulating collagen and encouraging healing.

MZ Skin also has this sleek gold mask that features five light colors: red, blue, white, yellow, and green. If you have sun spots, pigmentation, or sensitive skin, the green and yellow light therapy options on this mask might be good for you. Yellow light boosts circulation and lymphatic flow and soothes the skin, while green light helps reduce pigmentation, broken capillaries, and sun spots.

I love that this option from Houzzi can be used on both the face and neck. It also offers seven light therapy colors. 

This mask also offers seven colors, and you can adjust the intensity of the light, which makes it another great option for beginners.