I'm 5'2", and These Are All My Favorite Jeans

Fun fact: I wear jeans seven days a week. While that may sound like an exaggeration, it’s actually 100% true. Winter, spring, summer, fall—whatever the season, I’m a jeans girl through and through and find myself regularly thanking my lucky stars that our office dress code allows for them. To put it further into perspective, the way most people feel about the comfort level of slipping into a pair of leggings or sweatpants at the end of the day is parallel to my feelings on denim.

Now that that’s out of the way, another one of my defining characteristics is that I happen to be 5’2”. While this is nothing to complain about, it has, at times, posed its challenges when it comes to shopping, and finding things that fit me in the best way possible. Lucky for my fellow petite girls out there, over the years, I’ve pretty much become a professional in this field, and I thought that today I’d doll out some of my acquired wisdom by sharing with you the jeans that I’ve found to be the best. Some I didn’t even have to hem, some of which I did (because you can’t always have it all), but I can tell you that in terms of rise, hips, and overall proportions, you’re going to love how these fit.