5 Style Tricks I Learned From Being 5'2"

Fact: I'm not a tall girl. Never have been, never will be, but that's never stopped me from looking and feeling my best fashion-wise. In fact, in a rewarding twist of fate, most people are actually surprised when they find out my height because they never think of me as a "short" girl based on how I look and dress. I attribute this to a few styling tricks I've learned over the years, which I'll be sharing below with a little visual help from some of my favorite street style stars. From simply remembering to tuck in my tops if they're long to choosing jeans with a good crop, these tricks are as easy as they are effective. Scroll through to read (and shop) my tips!

1. Avoid long tops, and tuck in your shirts in any time you can.


(Image credit: Acielle/Style du Monde)

Long tops are great if you're six feet or taller, but for the majority of us who aren't so blessed lengthwise, they take up quite a bit of valuable real estate on your legs, thus making them appear short. Unless a top is already cropped, I often go as far as to have my tops (even tees) tailored to be just where I want them, and I also sometimes tuck (or half-tuck) them in, which creates the illusion of longer legs and highlights my waist.

2. Whenever possible, show some ankle. 


(Image credit: Acielle/Style du Monde)

Almost all my pants and jeans are tailored to a slight crop, and if they're not, I fold them to appear like they are. I also stick to midi skirts as opposed to maxi styles so there's a good bit of skin showing between my shoes and the hem. The point is to avoid looking like you're drowning in fabric and to show off the slimmest part of your leg: the ankle. If you are wearing pants that go over your shoes, try to have them be the same color so that there's at least a long, lengthening line from your waist to your toe.

3. Any monochromatic element is flattering.


(Image credit: Acielle/Style du Monde)

As I mentioned before, pairing similarly colored items with each other creates the illusion of longer lines on your body. This is clearly seen through the pairing of Patricia Manfield's pants and top (above). So whether you're simply matching your top to your pants, matching your pants to your ankle boots, or all three, any bit helps.

4. Avoid knee-length pieces.


(Image credit: Acielle/Style du Monde)

Luckily, the rise of the midi hemline has rendered its the knee-length counterpart useless, as it should. Unless you have legs for days, in which case it doesn't matter, anything knee-length literally cuts your legs in half, making neither the top nor the bottom portion appear long. Instead, opt for either mini or midi hemlines, both of which are immensely more figure-flattering.

5. Always wear at least a slight heel.


(Image credit: Acielle/Style du Monde)

Before you revolt, this doesn't mean you have to wear "heels." Whether you're a sneaker lover, a sandal girl, or ankle boot–obsessed (I'm admittedly all three), with so many comfortable shoe options, there's no excuse not to always have at least one added inch of height, as opposed to wearing a shoe that's completely flat. Even my go-to sneakers come with a slight hidden wedge inside that adds a crucial inch and a half. This really makes a huge difference in how tall I look.


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