You'll See This Ring Everywhere Come Engagement Season

We love round, classic engagements ring as much as the next person, but there's an underrated ring trend that has caught our attention: hexagon engagement rings.

This geometric shape not only gives a one-of-a-kind allure, but it's also a fresh and modern take to the engagement tradition. Plus, in a market where design possibilities are practically infinite, hexagon rings can either be worn to be more eye-catching or you can opt for a subtler but still striking style. Whether it be a colored hexagon-shaped diamond on an X-shaped band or a classic style where the diamond is paired with other smaller hexagon-shaped gems, it's guaranteed that there's an edgy take on this engagement trend just for you.

Below we've rounded up 25 hexagon engagement rings that you'll love now and each anniversary to come.

Now it's time to say yes to the dress.

Opening Image: Après Jewelry