We're Influencers With a 31-Year Age Difference—These Accessories Are Staples

We turn to Melissa Meyers and her daughter, Rachel Meyers, on the regular for sartorial inspiration. Both mother and daughter are fashion influencers that live in California. As a result, they have Instagram feeds that are filled with top-notch outfit ideas that are both chic and easy. There's actually a 31-year age difference between them, but they both wear similar pieces to complete their go-to looks because, of course, age has absolutely nothing to do with what you should or shouldn't wear.

Today, we thought we'd gain further insight into the accessories they love. Essentially, the accessories coming your way are considered true staples in the eyes of the Meyers women. These versatile items can help complete a look and take said vibe to the next level.

Below, you'll uncover a range of imagery that showcases the must-have accessories, complete with a smattering of shopping picks if you, too, are interested in trying out one of their staple pieces.

1. Strappy Sandals

On Rachel and Melissa Meyers: Charles & Keith sandals

"Strappy sandals are definitely our summer go-to for shoes because they're easy to pair with almost any look. These elevate an outfit from day to night whether they are heeled or flat." — Melissa Meyers

2. Bold Bags

On Rachel Meyers: Fundao bag; On Melissa Meyers: Parker Thatch bag

"Bold and bright-colored bags are a major must-have summer accessory. Colorful bags give an expressive pop to any outfit at any age." — Melissa Meyers

3. Classic Scarves

On Rachel and Melissa Meyers: Hermès scarves

"We're loving styling our scarves in multiple ways to create different looks. There are endless possibilities with a great patterned silk scarf." — Melissa Meyers

4. Layerable Jewelry

On Melissa and Rachel Meyers: A mix of bracelets, including Cartier, Tiffany & Co., and Shylee Rose Jewelry

"Layer various pieces on top of each other to make this trend really stand out. You're never too old or too young for a fun piece of jewelry." — Rachel Meyers

5. Statement Sunglasses

On Melissa and Rachel Meyers: Montague Eyewear sunglasses

"These stylish sunnies effortlessly complete a full look and add a little flair to any outfit." — Rachel Meyers

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