My Mom's Been Wearing These Accessory Trends for 20 Years, and They Still Hit

I've highlighted my mother's style a few times, including this piece on the items she recently cleaned out from her closet. For reference, she primarily sticks to pretty classic pieces but dabbles in trendier items here and there. Oh, she also loves accessories—especially the timeless picks she can keep in her offering for a long time. On that note, she actually sorted through her closet again and asked me for advice on what she should keep and store to the side. When it came to the accessories, there were a few key trends I suggested she keep. She actually mentioned that she's been wearing similar items for the last 20 years or so.

Yes, the add-ons in question all fall into that "classics" category. So in reality, they're not categorically "new trends," per se, but staples. I thought I'd share some of the items below (complete with quotes from my mom) in case you're interested in adding a timeless, fresh accessory to your wardrobe. To showcase the trends, I pulled inspiration imagery from fashion people wearing current versions of the items. There are also shopping picks sprinkled throughout.

Sleek Loafers

The best loafers for women



"I've never really been a 'heels person' because I'm all about comfort. I know there are backless and updated loafers these days, but I've always been a fan of classic loafers in neutral colors. I wore them for years during my teaching career and continue to wear them now."

Black Crossbody Bags

The best crossbody bags for women



"I've been using black crossbody bags forever, it seems. I don't like to carry my bags—hands-free is just easier for me."

Oversize Sunglasses

"I remember my mom and aunt wearing oversize sunglasses growing up, and I've continued the trend. I actually just bought a new pair that I'm wearing on repeat."


The best flip flops for women



"Okay, I know some people may have specific thoughts on flip-flops, but I've actually always liked them because of how easy they are. I love the fact that they're super in style right now."

Gold Hoops

"When it comes to jewelry, I'd never part with my gold hoops. They're timeless and work with everything."