15 Everyday Earrings That You Can Always Wear

The Best Everyday Earrings to Shop Now



Fact: Jewelry trends are wide-ranging and include everything from the bold and statement-making to the simple, everyday pieces you can wear more easily than the former. Another fact: You can never own too many jewelry pieces, because your accessory mood is likely to change daily. One day, you'll want to dress up a simple black tee with an over-the-top necklace while another, you'll feel more like donning a simple pair of earrings. So what's your preference like right now?

With cold weather's arrival, it's time to breathe some life into your jewelry box and invest in some great new everyday earrings that don't require much thought—yes, they're that easy to wear and pair. Ahead, shop our roundup, which includes everything from classic hoops to a super-cool mismatched pair that's guaranteed to dress up your earlobes in an instant.

These are bound to become your new favorite earrings.

Wear these with a simple black top.

Great to wear with your everyday outfits.

Slightly bolder but still suitable for everyday wear.

These are pricey, but we all know the timelessness of pearls.