This Classic Earring Trend Goes With Literally Everything

Thick gold hoop earrings


Style Stalker

Over the years, gold hoop earrings have experienced some pretty major bursts of popularity, but even when they’re not the dominant jewelry trend, they’ve never truly gone out of style. Which makes sense: They add that little extra something to pretty much any outfit you could put together, no matter how minimalistic.

We may have a thing for statement jewelry (okay, we definitely do), but it’s our gold hoops that we keep coming back to. And while we love a dainty pair, sometimes we need a pair that’ll really pack a punch and serve as a focal point for our look of choice. So we took it upon ourselves to scout out the best pairs of gold hoops to add to your jewelry box ASAP.

They're hollow, meaning your ears won't suffer from much weight.

A shimmering option will be great for more formal occasions.

These sculptural earrings will look so good on you.

A subtle statement for one of your ears.

You'll get so many compliments on these.

Next up, it's time to add something a little more colorful to your collection.