I Love Expensive-Looking Nails, and This Polish Brand Is My Secret Weapon

I am a creature of luxury. When it comes to my beauty products, I love to follow a multistep skincare routine, slather myself in rich body butters, and put high-end makeup products on my face. The same is also true for my nails—I want them to look as good as they possibly can. 

My secret weapon for nails that look like I just stepped out of a celebrity manicurist's chair? Dior nail polish. The brand has tons of incredible nail colors that last and last, without a chip in sight. This is one luxury beauty product that you'll be happy to have in your arsenal, and it won't even break the bank. Keep reading for the best Dior nail polish colors of all time. And since I live for luxury beauty, I also paired each color with its Dior beauty match (you're welcome in advance).

1. Dior Vernis in Rouge 999

Described as the "iconic Dior red," it would be a crime to not list this polish first. This is the perfect balanced red—not too blue-toned, not too orange-leaning—and it's guaranteed to look good on everyone. This is the kind of red nail polish that's so classic, it's practically a nude. 

2. Dior Vernis in 323 Dune

It is my humble opinion that no one does dusty brown nail polish shades like Dior. 323 Dune is a sand-dune brown that would be at home on the set of a certain new Timothée Chalamet movie. 

3. Dior Vernis in Rouge Cinema 849

If you love nails but want a bit of a twist, go for a moody brick red like this one. 

4. Vernis in 970 Nuit 1947

Vampy nail lovers, rejoice. This deep red is perfect for anyone who lives for black nail polish but wants something a little different. If dark glamour is the name of the game, this polish is the winner. 

5. Atelier of Dreams Diorific Vernis Nail Polish in 992 Corolle

I normally veer away from purple polishes in fear that they might make me look like a middle schooler, but this polish is exactly what I want in a purple: it's deep, smoky, and has just a hint of sophisticated shimmer. 

6. Dior Vernis in Grace 558

This rosy pink color has a hint of brown, making it more muted and neutral than most pink polishes. Because of this, it looks good on virtually all skin tones and at home in any setting—whether you want to wear it for work or for pleasure. 

7. Dior Vernis in 878 Victoire

I'm calling it—this is the only shade of raspberry pink nail polish you need in your collection. This nail polish strikes the perfect balance between raspberry red and rosy pink, creating the perfect shade of jammy pink. 

8. Dior Vernis in 449 Dansante

A touch of rose adds a certain je ne sais quoi to this otherwise neutral taupe. This polish is perfect for every occasion, and a bit different than your usual nude shade. 

9. Dior Atelier of Dreams Diorific Vernis Top Coat in 001 Bouton Dior

Wear this polish on its own or on top of any other Dior nail color for a flash of added glitter. Keep this polish handy for any time you think your look could use an extra injection of drama. 

10. Dior Crème Abricot Base Coat

I know it's a base coat, but hear me out. This base coat has a slight tint to it and helps smooth and fill any cracks in the nail's surface, making it the perfect polish to use if you want to try the "naked" nail trend. It's a cult favorite for a reason and it absolutely deserves a spot in your collection.