It's True—Makeup Artists Can't Stop Reaching for These Dreamy Contour Palettes


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If you're a contouring newbie, you've definitely come to the right place. It isn't always easy to learn, especially if you aren't totally sure what your face shape is or what areas to sculpt and define. But I have good news: Makeup artists tout this specific kind of contour product as *the* makeup for beginners. They swear by it to create serious shape and dimension without being overly difficult to use. Okay, I'll just tell you. I'm talking about using a good cream contour palette.

According to celebrity makeup artist Judi Gabbay, "Using a cream contour can be more forgiving for beginners as it melts into the skin and blends easier than a powder would." Founder of her own self-titled cosmetics line, Alexa Persico, totally agrees. "With a cream contour, it's a lot easier to blend out if you make a mistake. From the start, the strategy is to apply more than you'd need, then diffuse it with your preferred blending tool," she says. I can also personally attest to this as I started out by using a cream contour and loved how easily it blended. Persico and Gabbay were kind enough to share some recs along with celebrity makeup artists Hailey Hoff and Dakota Alexandra. Read on for all their favorite cream contour palettes.


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