These 8 Mid-Priced Bag Brands Are Going to Be Big News This Year

When it comes to shopping for designer handbags, it can be all too easy to lose your perspective on what is "affordable" or "expensive." Obviously, this will vary from person to person, but when looking through the latest street style shots, there's a temptation to think of Bottega clutches as something that everyone in the industry casually owns, whereas, in reality, most of us will have to really consider dropping $2000 or more on one bag (and probably save up for some time if we are going to).


(Image credit: @thestylestalkercom)

That's why the growth of the mid-priced market has been such a godsend for us fashion lovers who want to make an investment without having to sacrifice a couple of months' rent. The likes of Wandler, Staud, By FAR, and more recently, Dragon Diffusion and Mehry Mu, are creating design-led pieces that forgo flashy logos and instead embrace sophisticated, grown-up silhouettes and finishes. Furthermore, they're pricing their wares in the $300–$900 bracket, which, although not an insignificant amount of money, in the world of designer bags can be considered pretty reasonable.

From Wandler's trending shoulder bag and Dragon Diffusion's woven totes to Rejina Pyo's scarf bags and Elleme's clean-lined buckets, scroll down to see and shop our ultimate edit of mid-priced designer bags that are going be big in 2020.


Dragon Diffusion 

ATP Atelier


Rejina Pyo

Mehry Mu



This post originally appeared on Who What Wear UK.