The 4 Colors That Look Good on Literally Everyone


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If you grew up looking to your mother for style wisdom, she likely told you at one point that a certain color was simply not good for your skin tone. In 2018, this way of viewing fashion might seem a bit outdated, but the truth remains that there are colors out there that do flatter you more than others. It's even likely that you have one color, in particular, that you've figured out makes you look your best.

As it turns out, there are a few colors that are universally flattering, no matter the natural coloring of your hair and skin tone. To find out what colors look best on all of us, Real Simple tapped into the ultimate say on all things color-related: the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman. She shared that there are four colors above all that she thinks look good on everyone. Why is that? “Certain colors flatter all skin tones and hair colors because they provide an equal balance of warm and cool,” Eiseman says. So, which tones are the magic ones that suit us all?

To discover which colors look best on literally everyone, scroll down to see the street style looks that prove it and then shop our picks of each color so you, too, can embrace this universal wisdom.


1. Blush
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Blush is a universally flattering shade that also happens to bring out the natural flush in your face, no matter your skin tone.


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WHO: Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert

WEAR: Prada shoes; Gabriela Hearst bag

Shop our blush pick:


2. Eggplant
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WHO: Carolina Issa 

WEAR: Ayede shoes; Roksanda bag

Eggplant is such a versatile shade, Eiseman says, that it can take the place of a more classic neutral in your wardrobe. This makes it easier for you to start introducing a little more color without going overboard.


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Our eggplant pick:


3. Red
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Ah, red. This classic shade complements every skin tone on the spectrum, and it’s great street style photographer bait—if you’re into that.


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WHO: Julia Sarr-Jamois


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WHO: Teddy Quinlivan

Our red pick:


4. Teal
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Teal can be a tough color to start introducing into your wardrobe; the trick is wearing it in ways that feel comfortable to you. Or take a page from the Man Repeller’s book and mix it up with contrasting colors like red.


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Our teal pick:

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