6 Color Pairings That Always Make Me Think "Wow"

As someone who lives in neutrals, bold color pairings have always seemed particularly intimidating to me. My intuition just does understand that two opposing colors in my closet pair well together in a cool, unexpected way. But some people do have this creative gift, and I always make mental notes of these bold color pairings.

Sometimes pairing two colors together that don't appear to work creates a unique outfit that's truly eye-catching. As much as I love a monochromatic look, there's just something about the unexpected pairing that makes it even more striking. From bold reds with soft pinks to mustard yellow paired with deep burgundy, below are six of the best color combinations that you'll definitely want to have on your radar. You may even end up with new outfit ideas using pieces you already own but never thought to wear together.

Salmon + Sky Blue

The best color combinations that always turn heads



On Aimee Song: Song of Style dress; Max Mara coat

Blue and pink together usually make me think of cotton candy, but not this pairing—the salmon tone of this particular pink mixed with a bright sky blue feels elevated. I also love a printed boot to top it all off and give it a cool vibe. 

The most striking color combinations



On María Bernad: A.W.A.K.E. Mode Button-Up Cropped Top ($216) and High-Waisted Pencil Skirt ($341); BY FAR Rachel Shoulder Bag ($289)

Light blue paired with kelly green is the perfect balance of muted and bold hues. The cool undertones in both of these also help these colors feel complementary. 

Mustard Yellow + Orange

On Annabel Rosendahl: Isabel Marant jacket; Hermès scarf; Bottega Veneta bag

This might actually be my favorite color combination out of all six. The mustard yellow makes the orange pop. The warm tones also feel perfect for virtually any time of the year. 

Striking color combinations to try



On Nnenna Echem: Vintage shirt; Stand Studio Assante Tote Bag ($322); ASOS pants; Veja V10 Sneakers ($150)

While pink and red are typically associated with Valentine's Day, I find it to be a directional outfit combination. The bold red hue looks even more striking next to a bright pink shade. 

The best color combinations to try right now



On Emili Sindlev: 7 Day Active sweatshirt; Chanel bag; Nike sneakers 

I've always found orange hard to pair—it's one of those colors that doesn't really go with anything, so therefore, it goes with everything. Next to deep green, it looks fresh and modern. 

Mustard + Burgundy

On Ellie Delphine: H&M sweater; Chanel bag; Rotate Birger Christensen skirt

Mustard and burgundy together are like peanut butter and jelly—they shouldn't work together, but they do. The warm tone of the mustard brings out something striking in the burgundy, and worn together, they are a match made in sartorial heaven.