Your Favorite Handbag Brand From the 2000s Is Making a Major Comeback


Courtesy of Coach

Back in the days when online shopping wasn't really a thing (I promise I'm not as old as I sound), I remember being on the way back from a trip with my family and stopping by the Coach store at the outlet mall to buy my sister a bag for her birthday. I was around 10 or 11 years old, and my sister was late into her teens, so of course, I was filled with jealousy despite the fact that the only thing I could possibly carry in a purse was my glitter ChapStick from Claire's. She ended up buying a white mini shoulder bag with a rainbow logo print—it was the mid-2000s after all. I have no idea where that bag went and have expressed how upset I am that she didn't keep it for me, but it's still a bag I've thought about a lot, especially as Coach's handbags begin to resurface on my social media feed, something I've been anticipating (and waiting for.)

Nostalgia has been rising on all levels of fashion, from outwear to jewelry. Coach's recent collections are what I've been wanting from the brand for years—combining its archival silhouettes with fashion-forward colorways and modern trends. In quarantine, I found myself sifting through old Coach purses on eBay, but with the brand's latest releases, I may just have to pull the plug on a new one. There's no doubt that Coach's leather goods are top-notch quality, so when you add on A+ marketing and design that still aligns with the aesthetic of today's consumer, you have a hit. I've seen at least five TikToks of Gen-Z'ers talking about how they want the brand's Pillow Tabby bag today alone, so their strategy is clearly working. Not to mention they have some of the most creative brand content on their social media accounts right now, like creating meaningful videos on societal topics called #CoachConversations, collaborating with brands like Champion, and enlisting with celebrities from Megan Thee Stallion to Paris Hilton and Jennifer Lopez for campaigns. Below, check out the best bags from Coach that I'm loving right now.



This is such an elevated way to bring back the iconic logo print.

I can't decide if I like this better in cream or black.

I'm really into this shape.

Paris Hilton expressed in her campaign how excited she is that this bag is back from Y2K.



This is the pillow bag that's taking over the internet, and the pink one is on my wishlist.

This makes for a perfect everyday bag, especially if you're into neutrals.

The logo print is subtle but still looks so good.



Can we talk about how luxe that gold detailing looks?



This is giving me flashbacks in the best way possible.

You can't tell me the tennis detail isn't the cutest thing ever. 

When we're back in the office again, this will make for a perfect work tote.