People Don't Realize That This Product Is the Secret to No-Makeup Makeup

If there's anything that every cool girl seems to have down, it's the no-makeup makeup look. The thing about no-makeup makeup is that you just look effortlessly put-together, and you would never be able to tell you're wearing makeup at all at first glance. I'm a big fan of no-makeup makeup, but there's one hitch—mascara.

I am not someone who can go without mascara. My eyelashes are unfortunately pretty short, and naturally, they stick straight out instead of holding a curl like I want them to. Jet-black mascara can ruin the illusion of not wearing makeup, though. Here's where clear mascara comes in.

Clear mascara is truly a game changer for anyone like me who wants to look put-together but still wants people to think that maybe, just maybe, they're not wearing makeup at all. The best thing about clear mascara is that it holds a curl so much better than your lashes otherwise would. Before you pop on a clear mascara, curl your lashes to give yourself an eye-opening effect. Then, apply clear mascara for definition. You'll end up with dreamy lashes that look like they might be natural-looking extensions.


My current favorite eyelash curler:

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Never sleep on the classics. This clear Great Lash formula is a perfect option for anyone who wants more lash definition. 

With peptides, vitamin E, and mineral water, this formula conditions lashes while it imparts tons of definition.

Castor oil is known as one of the best ingredients for hair health, so adding it to a clear mascara is genius for healthy lashes. This formula also has jojoba esters, mung beans, and red clover oil, which aid in conditioning and nourishing eyelashes. 

This clear mascara comes with a curved brush, which helps amp up curl. The gel formula helps separate and define lashes.

Aptly named, this mascara helps you get the perfect no-makeup look. Infused with actives like biotin and avocado oil, it doubles as a conditioning, growth-encouraging treatment. 

Packed with aloe vera, this mascara helps give you soft, fluffy lashes. It's also waterproof, so you don't need to worry about your lashes losing steam halfway through the day. 

At $3, this multitasking product is a true steal. It helps make your lashes look longer while separating them. Vitamin B, vitamin E, and algae extract work to help your lashes feel healthy and strong. 

This formula is designed to curl, lengthen, and volumize. With aloe and sea fennel, it works as a treatment, too.

Use this on your lashes and brows to define and separate. It lasts all day and applies easily.

Use this as a primer for colored mascara or on its own for perfectly defined lashes every time. It also does wonders for brows. 

Other essential no-makeup makeup products: