The Best Cheeky Underwear on the Entire Internet

There are certain clothing categories that are harder to shop for than others. For example, finding the perfect-fitting jeans or bra is infinitely harder than, say, shopping for a T-shirt. Underwear is another one of those categories—finding the right combination of fit, material, seam stitching, and cut can prove to be quite the task. While underwear shopping is extremely personal based on your unique preferences, it can be made much easier by identifying the style that you like best—whether that be thong, tanga, classic bikini, or cheeky.

If cheeky is your cut of choice, this story is for you. Cheeky underwear features a narrower cut of fabric across the back than a classic bikini but more coverage than a thong. It's a playful, fun cut that still offers moderate coverage, making it one of my personal favorite styles. So I took one for the team and scoured the internet searching for the best cheeky underwear and happily accumulated quite the list. Based on a mix of customer reviews, product descriptions, and brand reputations, below are the 30 best pairs of cheeky underwear on the internet. 

Reviews rave about how comfortable these are. 

The best cheeky underwear on the internet



These come in 16 colors, just saying. 

You can even wear these under white. 

"You can't feel a thing! I forgot I had undergarments on!" says one happy customer. 

Leave it to Victoria's Secret to make the perfect lace-and-floral combo. 

I can personally attest to how comfortable these are. 

One reviewer writes, "These are soft, pretty, and comfortable. The quality is worth the price."


Three hundred positive reviews can't be wrong about these. 

You're going to want to stock up on these.

"This is a must buy in my opinion. I love the cheeky look...They are so flattering, super sexy, soft and comfortable," writes one reviewer. 

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