The 5 Types of Underwear Every Woman Should Own

types of underwear



For something that we wear every single day, we women tend to neglect our underwear drawers more than we realize. It isn't until we're in a rush to get ready, searching for the perfect pair, that we realize our lingerie selection is actually quite ill-equipped. Here to explain the different types of underwear women should have in their possession at all times is the CEO of Journelle, Lyn Lewis.

In addition to classic styles such as boy shorts and lace thongs, Lewis pushes the boundaries as well, encouraging us to expand our notions of "normal undergarments" and fill our drawers with a few sultrier options as well. Ready to find out if you own all the required types of underwear, according to an expert?

Go on to see which types of underwear Journelle's CEO thinks we should all own.


"High-waisted briefs are glamorous, romantic, and timeless. It's an elegant silhouette that's also very practical and comfortable. This type of underwear is great under tight-fitting dresses as an alternative to traditional shapewear." — Lyn Lewis

Lace Thong

"Thongs are slightly thicker on the band than G-strings and provide a little more coverage on the front and back. We offer a variety of thong options from invisible to provocative, so there's a thong to suit virtually every type of personality type and outfit need." — Lyn Lewis

Boy Short

"Talk about high comfort meets high style. Boy shorts offer great coverage and are excellent for lounging around the house in. We offer a variety of options, from tattoo prints and bright colors to lacy and cheeky, statement-making pieces." — Lyn Lewis


"Ouvert peekaboo bottoms are really popular right now. Women love the element of playful surprise. As one of our 'sexier' options, the ouvert peekaboos not only offer comfort but also strike that delicate balance of being sexy and tasteful all at the same time." — Lyn Lewis


"While the tanga may not be the first type of underwear that comes to mind when lingerie shopping, the style is becoming increasingly popular for its sheer versatility as an underpinning that's both functional and sexy. The tanga provides less coverage than a full brief but more coverage than a thong—it's that elusive in-between. A tanga style is great under anything from summer dresses to tight-fitted jeans, especially since the lace and seamless options leave you feeling comfortable yet very cheeky at the same time." — Lyn Lewis