According to a Lingerie Expert, You Only Need to Own These 6 Types of Underwear


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As someone who almost exclusively wears thongs, I have long been convinced I don’t need to update my lingerie drawers. That was until a recent conversation I had with the CEO of Journelle, Sapna Palep. She told me, "Just like you have a bra wardrobe, that has different types of bras that work for different activities and different occasions, you need a bottoms wardrobe too. It is okay to be a superfan of one style and have many of that style, but you should still have a few other styles as options. ” And she’s right.

In order to look as polished and elevated as humanly possible, you need to have a good undergarment collection to match. Underwear is often overlooked and saved for last-minute Christmas gifts but it's a must-have investment for anyone looking to scale up their wardrobe.

Go on to see which types of underwear Journelle's CEO thinks we should all own.



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"Designed with wide sides, this style gives you a comfortable fit with no digging in on the sides. This is a flirty/girly style, wearable underneath most anything."—Sapna Palep


Cheeky Styles


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"Designed to give more coverage than a thong in the rear, but not as full coverage as a bikini or boyshorts, they give a peek of the cheeks. Cheeky styles are great to enhance the appearance of your rear by creating an illusion of curves. Add a print or lace in this shape to give you a fuller, less flat-looking bottom."—Palep




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"Designed with average width sides and full coverage front and rear. Bikinis are great for daily wear under jeans, and skirts and are comfortable to sleep in. (Full-coverage bottoms bikinis may also be easier to work with during that time of the month, as the full coverage style can fit sanitary pads better)."—Palep




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"Designed to avoid a Visible Panty Line, (VPL) thongs give minimal rear coverage so the lines of your underwear does not show. Thongs are perfect under tight pants, fitted pants, leggings, workout pants, shorts, and everyday wear."—Palep




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"Designed to be more full coverage everywhere - with even wider sides than a bikini or hipster, (similar to a short) and more coverage in the rear. This is a great style for daily wear under jeans, maxi skirts, and sleeping."—Palep




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"Designed to hit at or slightly above the belly button, high-waisted styles are great to sort of ]hold in' and camouflage a tummy, and high-waisted styles are also very comfortable. Also, if you have a very full bottom, high-waisted styles ensure you are fully covered. Pair with high-waist style jeans, pants, or dresses, you definitely do not want your panties peeking out of your jeans or pants."—Palep


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