The 5 Best Bras for Small Breasts, According to Amazon

Because women come in all different shapes and sizes, there's certainly no "one size" or "one style" fits all when it comes to bras. And as such, it takes a lot of trial and error until you find one that checks off all of your boxes in terms of fit, shape, comfort, and support. Now, when you're shopping for a bra online, it becomes all the more challenging because there isn't an actual "try on" option, which is why it's important to turn to those detailed customer reviews. And this time around, we sifted through hundreds on Amazon to find the best bras for small breasts, as told by real women.

Below, we've rounded up five of the top-rated styles for small busts, all of which are available for purchase on Amazon—and all of which ring in under $70. From a style one reviewer notes as "just perfect for small-busted ladies" to another that has a "perfectly fitting band and comfortable straps that stay put," these are the five best bras for small breasts. 

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