11 Not-So-Obvious Brands That Are Killing It

Have you ever been shopping, whether in-store or online, and stumbled across an amazing item from a brand, only to find out it’s making countless more perfect things like it? Naturally, you then launch into a newly formed and full-fledged obsession with it and all its offerings for an unforeseeable amount of time. If you’re like me, you then start telling everyone who will listen that you’re really into X, Y, and Z right now and that they HAVE to go shop them now.

Okay, maybe I take things too far, but whether it’s an established house like Fendi or a relatively newer label such as Georgia Alice, there’s something to be said when an already-successful brand simply takes things to new levels for the season at hand. As you might have guessed, that happens to be what the eleven brands featured in this story today have in common—they’re killing it right now, and to put it plainly, we want all the things. To read about why I think so, and,of course, see for yourself through our shopping picks, simply continue on below.

Opening Images: @thisisveda; @sabinasocol in Paris Georgia dress