I Wear a Black Tee Every Day—Here Are My 5 Favorites (With Outfits to Match)

There are a few closet essentials I rely on more than others to create my signature looks. Yep, a black T-shirt is one of said items. I legit wear a tee every single day as the base layer to my casual and even dressed-up outfits. My standard daily vibe consists of a black tee, joggers or jeans, sneakers, and a leather jacket. Case in point here. For those more formal silhouettes, it’s usually that same idea but with a blazer and trousers in the mix. Even though I have a few uniforms in my rotation, I’m always looking for fresh outfit inspiration.

To give you a sense of the looks I’m into at the moment (for you to either test out now or note for down the road), I’m sharing my top five chic and easy ensembles that fashion people have worn recently. And in case you’re shopping at the moment, I’m also highlighting how to get each of the inspired looks. I also made sure to include my absolute favorite black tees in the mix to get a sense of a few specific silhouettes that are great for quality and comfort.

The best black T-shirt to wear with a blazer



Teaming a black tee with a blazer is easy and impossibly chic. Go for leggings or straight-leg jeans, elevated accessories, and you're set.

This is the ultimate outfit to wear at the moment if you're working from home with the black tee (into a muscle silhouette) and joggers.

The best black T-shirt to wear with trousers



A black button-down opened up to reveal a tee is casual but sophisticated paired with pleated trousers and flat shoes.

The best black T-shirt to wear with jeans



You just can't go wrong with a tee, jeans, and high-top sneakers. The trick here is to tuck in the T-shirt to keep the vibe especially modern.

A black tee, cropped trousers, and sandals are comfortable and cute with cool accessories.

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