The Best T-Shirts Come From These 4 Brands—Period

If you ask any fashion lover, the search for the perfect tee is a never-ending journey. Whether you want something that feels tissue-thin with a lived-in feel or you’d rather wear something sturdy enough to go through a virtually infinite number of washes, finding the perfect T-shirt feels akin to finding the diamond-in-the-rough pair of blue jeans (and if you’ve gone through that experience, you know exactly what we’re talking about).

While the quintessential T-shirt boils down to your specific tastes, there are a few brands that come close to meeting nearly everyone’s criteria.


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Using a combination of research along with reviews from those who have ventured down the path of discovering the best T-shirt brands for women, we’ve pulled together the ones that people turn to again and again. Because let’s be real: Why go through the effort of testing out T-shirts from several brands when there are a select few that have already mastered the everyday staple?

Ahead, check out the four T-shirt brands that make the best of the best. Then shop for your favorites stock up for your everyday occasions.

1. Goldie

If you’re looking for an under-the-radar brand that makes ultra-soft T-shirts in styles ranging from timeless staples to trending silhouettes, look no further than to Goldie. These shirts are so soft that you’ll never want to take them off—guaranteed.

2. Hanes

Between the affordable prices and no-fuss reliability, Hanes’ T-shirts are a foolproof option for anyone who wants to stock up on tees. For the classic white tee, go for the brand’s Nano T-shirt.

3. Madewell

Madewell’s Whisper tee has become one of the brand’s best-selling items, thanks to its lightweight feel. Fans of the shirt love the style so much that the brand has made multiple versions for everyone to have in their closets.

4. x Karla

When celebrity stylist Karla Welch released her own her T-shirt line, X Karla, the fashion world went wild—and for good reason, too. The stylist has brought her expertise to the world of T-shirts with unique and universal fits that people simply can’t get enough of.

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