These Are Officially the Most Flattering Boots You'll Ever Purchase

When winter hits—and we're pretty sure it has—a pair of black over-the-knee boots are our absolute go-to—our savior from the cold, damp and downright miserable weather. Whilst we're obvious fans of and have a hoard of trusty ankle boots, the best and most magical item a wardrobe can contain by far is a pair of these trusty pull-ons. First up, they're a lot more practical than you once imagined. Nothing is going to keep you warmer than leather all the way past your knees—nada, it's just science.

Second of all, they're the ultimate day-to-night shoe option if you get the heel height just right, instantly amping up a dress and giving you 100% permission to sing Nancy Sinatra at the top of your lungs all way home. Thirdly (as if you need a third reason), they're one of this season's biggest trends, with everyone from the street style set to Kim Kardashian West sporting a pair. Heck, even some of the mums of Team Who What Wear UK have a pair.

Because we don't want you to feel left out, we've rounded up the best black over-the-knee boots available to buy now. Scroll through the gallery to see our edit, starting from just £40. Bargain.

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