This Is the Best Bikini for Your Butt (Seriously)



Shopping for bikinis is right up there with finding the perfect pair of jeans—they can be a challenge, but once you find the right fit, you’re all set. But is there a shortcut to finding a swimsuit that’s flattering?

Interested to find out tips from an expert, we tapped Solid & Striped’s design director, Michelle Copelman, to weigh in on how to find the perfect swimsuit style for your body type—specifically, how to find the right style for your butt. In the end, Copelman believes “it really is about the style you feel most comfortable in. Comfort translates to confidence, and confidence ensures you will look great lounging at the pool or beach,” but she revealed that there are a few styles that tend to flatter your back end.

She explained to Who What Wear that “it is tough to pinpoint exactly one swimsuit style that is universally flattering for each individual’s bottom since each body is so unique.” However, she revealed that “cheekier bikini bottoms are usually very flattering because they have a slimming effect and show off your best assets.” But while Copelman calls out the “cheeky” style, there are, in fact, three different silhouettes she says to look for when shopping for the most flattering bikini. Want to find out what they are?

Keep reading to find out the most flattering swimsuit styles for your butt and shop our favorites.