The One Bikini Style That Will Make Your Butt Look Amazing

It may not be scientifically proven, but we'd venture to guess that Victoria's Secret models spend more time in bikinis than most people. So who better to turn to for swimwear advice than seasoned VS Angel Behati Prinsloo? We caught up with the model in Los Angeles ahead of tonight's Victoria's Secret Swim Special and picked her brain about all things swim-related.

From the most flattering bikini style to her go-to beach body workout, scroll down to read all of Behati Prinsloo's pro tips! 

WHO WHAT WEAR: Which workout routines do you find most effective in prepping for swimsuit season?

What works best for me is definitely doing Pilates and then just cardio. I think cardio is really important for anyone that wants to feel good on the beach. It’s the only thing that really works—and it sucks. I hate doing cardio!

WWW: Which swim bottom cut makes your butt look best?

BP: I think for everyone it’s different, but I really like the Brazilian-cut bikinis.

Which suit do you think is the most universally flattering from the new collection?

BP: I think the Boho collection, because it's got a lot of different styles, [including] crochet. It’s a bigger cut, and I know not everyone is comfortable in Brazilian-cut bikinis all the time.

WWW: Of all the swimsuits you modeled, which one in particular do you see yourself wearing on repeat this summer?

BP: I really love the neoprene triangle [bikinis] that VS is making. It’s really comfortable and doesn’t move. It’s more sporty, so you can go paddleboarding and surfing and it’s not going to fly off. It’s my favorite, I own them in a lot of different colors.

WWW: Which do you predict will be the best-selling suit of the season?

BP: I’m thinking the more sporty one, because it’s a new style for them and everyone seems to really like it. Or the boho [collection], which everyone loves. Coachella comes around and everyone’s “boho-chic.”

WWW: What is one of your favorite memories or standout moments from shooting this year’s VS Swim Special?

BP: For me, it was really getting to know all 15 girls. There are so many new Angels that just came in that we barely know, so this trip really gave us the opportunity to hang out with each other, and it was really fun.

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Additional reporting by Sarah Tohl.