Every Celeb Over 5'8" Owns These 3 Basics


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I've already discussed the fall trends I'm wearing as a 5'10" fashion editor, but in case you'd like a tall celebrity's point of view, I've got you covered there too. Celebrities often get a bad rap for being unrelatable, but there are plenty of ways you can identify with them if you pay close enough attention. Case in point: Celebrities over 5'8" often wear wardrobe basics that all tall girls rely on time and time again. 

For instance, Serena Williams (5'9") and Blake Lively (5'10") are both on the same page about which fall jacket trend to try, while Nicole Kidman (5'10") and Karlie Kloss (6'2") are in agreement over the practical yet chic shoes that don't add unneeded height. Scroll down to shop the basics tall celebrities always wear. 

Slouchy, Oversize Jackets

Taller women often have broader shoulders, making certain clothing items a challenge. Speaking from personal experience, well-fitting jackets are particularly hard to find for my tall frame. I always need to size up so that it fits in the shoulders, but then it often ends up being too large elsewhere. Other than getting a tailor involved, my key is to find relaxed, loosely fitting jackets, which are much easier for tall women to wear straight off the rack. 


Blake Lively, 5'10"
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Michelle Obama, 5'11"
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Serena Williams, 5'9"
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Fancy Flats

No, I'm not here to say that taller women can't wear heels. It's just that many of us choose to wear more practical footwear so we don't stick out like a sore thumb—celebrities included. At 5'11", Nicole Kidman knows the power of a fancy flat, which can be just as dressy as any pair of heels in existence. 


Nicole Kidman, 5'11"
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Karlie Kloss, 6'2"
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Leg-Baring Party Dress

If you've got it, flaunt it. Long legs are a major perk of being tall, and celebrities like 5'10" Zendaya and 5'9" Gywneth Paltrow know how to take full advantage. 


Zendaya, 5'10"
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Gwyneth Paltrow, 5'9"
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