19 Random Things I've Bought on Amazon This Year and Think You Should Too

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Szymon Brzóska/The Style Stalker

Is it just me, or does shopping on Amazon sometimes feel like you’re spending Monopoly money? Something about the ease of one-click ordering and having it arrive at your doorstep one to two days later without having to re-enter any details makes it, at times, almost too easy to shop. Admittedly, I’ve taken this too far in the past, ending up with a handful of miscellaneous items that my husband now makes fun of me for buying. That posture corrector I ordered on a whim? Can’t even tell you if it worked because I have yet to open it. Stay tuned on that one though…

However, outweighing the regrets (thankfully) are more than a handful of game-changing albeit random buys. From the $12 solution to protecting all my fancy shoes to the $8 jewelry cleaner that makes my engagement ring look like it was given to me yesterday, I’ve made some seriously good purchases. Curious what else features in my recent Amazon order history? While I’ll never show all my cards, below you’ll find 19 of my best buys yet. 

I used $20 or $30 to get rubber soles put on all my nice shoes before wearing them, but now I use these for a fraction of the price. They keep thin soles from wearing down and ruining the rest of your shoes.

No joke, this Essie top coat makes my manicures last at least three days longer before chipping than with regular polishes.

Feel free to read, in-depth, about my love for these packing cubes and how they changed my life here. Since buying them initially, I've purchased two more sets because my husband started stealing them, and I also realized they're great for storing un-seasonal items at home.

I'm obsessed with this affordable body wash. It's moisturizing but also leaves you feeling clean and light. Plus, there is no intense scent. 

I don't do this as often as I probably should, but whenever I get around to cleaning my engagement ring and other jewelry with this easy-to-use cleaner, they legit look like new.

I bought the (temporarily sold-out) smaller version of this brush recently, and it's somehow made my blow-drying process at least 30% faster. 

These sticky strips adhere to your slingbacks to help them actually stay on your foot.

A pumice stone is key to not letting summer sandal wearing get the best of your smooth feet.

Meet my latest gimmick in the ploy to drink more water, as seen on a friends Instagram Story recently.

I get this color 99% of the times I get my nails done, so I always have a bottle at home (or in my travel bag) so I can fix it in case it chips.

Ironing is out of my league, so this small and easy-to-store steamer has saved my life. I use it all the time and pack it for every trip.

I love this eye-makeup remover because it is the perfect balance between not being too drying and not too oily. I buy it in these small bottles because they take forever to finish anyway, and it's the perfect size for keeping one in my toiletry bag at all times. 

This year, I started working out and lifting weights, and when I noticed my hands were starting to form calluses from the barbell, a friend recommended these gloves. 

Our EIC Kat Collings actually told me that after trying many natural deodorants, this was the only one that actually worked. Luckily, I skipped the research phase and could go straight to using it.

I initially bought these so that I could make my own juices at home and save money, but of course that plan fell through. However, I still use the bottles on the regular. I either fill them up with filtered water as a plastic alternative or use them to cool and store iced coffee.