How to Make Your Outfit Look Expensive With Only $30 at Zara

One of the more obvious reasons the world is so obsessed with Zara is because of its crazy affordability. But as we all know, some pieces are significantly more cost-effective than others, but that doesn't mean they look any lower-quality than their pricier counterpoints. To prove our point, we scoured Zara's stylish stock in search of the under-$30 pieces that not only look expensive themselves but also have the power to make your entire outfit look expensive.

While accessories are oftentimes the easiest way to achieve expensive-looking vibes, we also found jeans, tops, and a dress that are equally capable of providing that coveted luxe look. And if you're scoffing at the idea of expensive-looking jeans for under $30, the proof is in the pudding. Ready to shop the goods and see why they're the cream of the crop?

Keep scrolling to see which under-$30 Zara pieces we're endorsing. (You might want to get out your wallet for this.)

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Opening Image: Zara