19 People Share Photos of Their Favorite Zara Purchase

Meet Lauren, Who What Wear fashion editor and co-founder of The Devils Wear Zara. Lauren is so obsessed with Zara that we started calling her the Zara Scout. Now she's turning the nickname into a franchise so she can regularly share her insider knowledge of the brand—including all her hacks, secrets, and must-haves—with you.

The other day, I was rummaging through my closet attempting to clean it out (which didn't go very well) and ended up reminiscing over a handful of Zara pieces I've had for years and still absolutely love. I feel like it's more common to keep investment pieces for years on end versus extremely affordable Zara finds, but it was those pieces I found myself loving all the same.

Since Zara is constantly churning out new products every couple of weeks, it's easy to lose sight of those fan-favorite items that once were, which is why I thought it would be interesting to reach out to all of our followers on The Devils Wear Zara and ask them to send pictures of their all-time favorite Zara items. Some of the pieces they picked were new, and some were really, really old, but seeing how happy the women ahead look while wearing their most beloved Zara items kind of made what the product itself not even matter. Scroll down. You'll see. 


(Image credit: @nikita_mcleroy)

"In love with this jacquard suit that I can easily dress up/down. Effortlessly chic and makes me feel like a boss." — Nikita McElroy

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"My favorite piece from Zara is this little bright pink beaded bag. It adds a pop of color to any outfit and the beading makes it stand out from other bags." — Phillipa Roper

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(Image credit: @chez.amelie)

"This is my fave piece from Zara! Organza top with a clean shape, but the dramatic sleeves and the sexy back make it so special. It looks totally vintage but also 100% up to date. I've been looking for smth like this for so long!" — Amelie Stanescu

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(Image credit: @brittany_segal)

"My favorite and most useful Zara piece ever was from this past spring/summer. It's a black, boxy, structured straw bag with a top handle, crossbody, and turn-lock closure. The dual functionality of the bag, having a cute top handle and a chain crossbody strap, made the purchase perfect for walking around home in NYC and for my trip to Italy. It's small and compact, so it fits all of my essentials but was still a really easy and chic way to polish off my outfit. I wanted to buy into the straw-bag trend but get a piece that was both affordable and timeless." — Brittany Segal

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(Image credit: @carolinecoons)

"Favorite Zara item—this yellow power suit! I have been obsessed with it ever since I bought it and have never received so many compliments from an outfit! It's the perfect combination of funky and edgy, yet it's classic and timeless. If you don't have a pantsuit from Zara yet, you need to invest in one!" — Caroline Coons

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(Image credit: @weinburglar16)

"This is the perfect white midi dress. It's classic and breezy with button details—a staple when exploring Florence!" — Laura Weinberg

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(Image credit: @jacqueline_black_)

"This dress is my favorite because it reminds me of my magical summer when I spent two weeks in Italy! The colors and lightness of fabric were simple yet made a statement. I felt feminine and beautiful while walking down cobblestones streets, eating endless pasta, and soaking in the warm Italian summer air." — Jacqueline Black


(Image credit: @symphonyyyy)

"These are my all-time favorite Zara pants! I found them during the summer sale last year. I love fun pants!" — Symphony Knight

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(Image credit: @laurenblackk)

"I loved this but was hesitant to spend on it, but have already worn it like a hundred times. One of my favorite buys in general in a while!" — Lauren Black

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(Image credit: @xunxian)

"The material is so comfy and dresses are always my favorite." — Kaen

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(Image credit: @oliribera)

"They are the perfect linen yellow pants. Every time I wear them, people compliment them." — Olivia Ribera

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(Image credit: @katietherealgirl via Julia Perkins)

"These were my fave purchase from a year ago. I still wear them once a week at least. Love the '70s menswear vibe—makes for a unique but powerful corporate look." — Katie Whelley


(Image credit: @carograceb)

"Snakeskin midi skirt with buttons down the middle—my all-time fave!" — Caroline Grace 

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(Image credit: @alanabeatrizb)

"Got this sweatshirt back in October, and it's my go-to. I love the versatility, comfort, and colors of it. I will cry the day I don't have it with me anymore. The jeans and sneakers are from Zara as well." — Alana Beatriz

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(Image credit: @nicolevillacis)

"The whole outfit is from Zara. I love it so much, I literally changed my clothes in the store after I bought it." — Nicole Villacís

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(Image credit: @nuriagam)

"This black knit from past season! So warm and goes literally with everything." — Núria Garcia

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(Image credit: @samruddhikarandikar)

"I wear this basically everywhere." — Samruddhi Karandikar

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(Image credit: @noelleknoll)

"The sock boot–heel hybrid is my absolute favorite Zara piece I own, and I frequent Zara almost weekly. Although a bit extreme, they go with almost anything and can be worn in any season. As soon as I put them on, I feel like a boss lady that can do anything." — Noelle Taylor 

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(Image credit: @ayewear )

"This sweater is four years old. I have it in two colors and have sewn it back together three times. I truly fear for the day I can no longer rely on it to go perfectly with anything and everything." — Ayesha Siddiqi

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