The $20 Accessory I Wear Daily

I’ll admit it, I only used to buy designer sunglasses. But that changed last year when I decided I needed some new glasses for a trip. Instead of springing for an expensive pair, I ordered Free People’s Kensington sunglasses after I’d spotted them on Instagram. When I discovered the affordable $20 price tag, I didn’t hesitate to buy them.

I thought they would just be a filler style to wear while I was on vacation, but after trying them on, I discovered that the flattering silhouette worked perfectly for my face shape. Not only do the oversize frames block out the sun, but they also balance out my features and draw attention to my cheekbones. While some sunglasses can feel too heavy or pinch behind the ears, these are so lightweight that I sometimes forget I have them on. Beyond the low price point, I truly love these sunglasses, which is why my designer pairs have been unworn in months. When I say I love them, I really mean it. I’ve counted at least 21 photos on my Instagram where I’m wearing them—all within the last year.

The best part about having affordable sunglasses is that you can worry less about scratching them or losing a pair. As it turns out, my first ones were dropped over a cliff into the ocean last summer, but instead of getting too upset, I pulled up my phone and ordered a new pair on the spot. And my replacements were waiting for me at home when I returned.

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The $20 sunglasses from Free People I can't stop wearing.

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