Spring Is Coming—Here's Your First Week of Easy Outfit Ideas

Simple enough, right? Since the official start of spring is in exactly one week, I figured I would round up your first seven days’ worth of outfits, including one for a night out, so that all you have to worry about when the temperatures rise is moving your winter clothes back into storage and scouting out where you’ll be buying iced coffee for the rest of the months ahead.

No need to thank me, though. It was honestly pretty easy seeing as everyone seems to have caught spring fever a bit early this year (even NYC’s weather reflected it). Plus, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I did this all partly for my own benefit. So to see and shop seven stylish outfits you’ll want to, and probably will, wear on repeat this season, just keep scrolling.

Cardigan + Jeans + Kitten Heels

The easy outfit I've been dreaming about.

Suit + Sandals

Skip the undershirt, and opt for a baggier blazer for a fashion-girl spin on suiting.

Knit Set + Knee Boots

It doesn't get easier (or chicer) than a matching set.

Muscle Tank + Jeans + Loafers

The casual combo you'll wear every weekend. 

Oversize Blazer + Printed Dress + Flats

Dip your toes into the season by styling a printed dress with your trusty fall blazer.

Sweater + Leather Pants

And literally any shoes of your choosing.

Blazer + Hoodie + Trousers + Mules

What to wear on a nippy night out once you've retired your winter coat? You're looking at it. 

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