27 Under -$500 Pieces of Fine Jewelry That Are Keepsakes For Life

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A beautiful thing has happened in our day and age. Even though gold prices continue to climb, it's easier to find fine jewelry at reasonable prices than ever before. In fact, I wrote an entire story about fine jewelry brands that are almost cheaper than costume jewelry. This is thanks, in large part, to a number of direct-to-consumer brands that make investing in genuine pieces doable. You certainly won't be able to get a massive diamond for under-$500, but you can get diamonds at this price point, albeit smaller ones.

For the most part, under-$500 fine jewelry is usually on the more dainty end of the spectrum, but in my opinion, delicate pieces are the most timeless and beautiful, and you can wear them every single day. I consider myself to be well-versed on the subject of affordable fine jewelry brands, so I put together a little roundup of pieces to treat yourself or someone else to ('tis the season). Scroll to shop with me.

A bracelet you never have to take off.

If this doesn't make you happy, I don't know what will.

This thick-band ring looks so expensive.

Catbird has this stocked, so you know it's cool.

These diamonds are surprisingly big for $335.

Yeah, you'll still want to wear this in 40 years.

Jasmine Tookes designed these chic hoops, so that's cool.

The perfect thing to stack with all of your other delicate rings.

Paperclip links are so modern and cool.

The sparkle on these beauties is intense.

Natural pearls are the coolest pearls and luckily, they're affordable.

I love that this looks like it's two rings stacked.