The Best Aesop Fragrances, Ranked by Me, a Fragrance Obsessive

You might know the brand Aesop for its cult-favorite hand soap. (Yes, if you didn't know soap could be something to write home about, Aesop's Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash, $40, exceeds every expectation.) If you're unfamiliar with the brand, however, Aesop is a Melbourne-based brand that's all about smart, thoroughly researched products that are extremely high quality. 

Take its fragrances, for example. Each Aesop fragrance is carefully curated using interesting and unique ingredients. Their scents range from floral to herbaceous, using both lab-made and naturally sourced ingredients for the longest-lasting scents possible. Aesop fragrances are totally singular, and that's what makes them such a beauty-editor favorite. Keep reading for the best Aesop fragrances out there. 

1. Aesop Eidesis Eau de Parfum

Key notes: black pepper, frankincense, sandalwood

Frankincense helps evoke a sense of calm, making it an ideal note in a fragrance. This spicy, woodsy scent is downright intoxicating. 

2. Aesop Tacit Eau de Parfum

Key notes: citrus, basil grand vert

Tacit is a fragrance better experienced than described, but I'll do my best. It's citrusy, but a heaping amount of basil grand vert (a particularly fragrant variety of basil) gives it an herbaceous edge. 

3. Aesop Rozu Eau de Parfum

Key notes: rose, bergamot, shiso, pink pepper, ylang-ylang, guaiac wood, jasmine, sandalwood, valerian grass, patchouli, myrrh, musk

Aesop isn't really known for floral fragrances—this is its first one. In a truly unique twist, this scent takes you through the life cycle of a rose, and green and woodsy undertones keep it interesting. 

4. Aesop Marrakech Intense Eau de Parfum

Key notes: wood, spice, fresh florals, animalistic

How often do you see "animalistic" in perfume notes? In this perfume, a slight animalistic quality adds a raw edge that makes it just as colorful and exciting as Marrakech, the city it's inspired by. 

5. Aesop Karst Eau de Parfum

Key notes: herbs, spice

In case it's not obvious, the thing Aesop does best is creating fragrances that are hard to nail down. Karst is a perfect example of that—it smells kind of like a brisk day on the seaside with mineral, metallic, and herbaceous notes swirling in the air. 

6. Aesop Erémia Eau de Parfum

Key notes: galbanum, iris, yuzu

This perfume is supposed to represent an urban wasteland being overtaken by greenery. Galbanum, a medicinal plant with a woodsy and balsamic scent, helps achieve this. 

7. Aesop Miraceti Eau de Parfum

Key notes: labdanum, ambrette, styrax

Thanks to labdanum, ambrette, and styrax, this fragrance's key notes, Miraceti is able to smell balsamic, ambery, woodsy, and animalic all at once. 

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