I Shopped This Mall Brand 10+ Years Ago—32 Pretty Finds Reeling Me Back In

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Abercrombie & Fitch

Believe it or not, Abercrombie & Fitch is in the midst of a major comeback, and we are all in. Surely, there were savvy shoppers aware of the shockingly good product assortment before this niche cultural moment, but it was this viral TikTok dress that reintroduced me to the nostalgic mall brand I once knew. I thought I left Abercrombie in the past along with the moose logo–embroidered polos and cutoff denim miniskirts that still haunt me from well over a decade ago, but confusing as it may be to my past self, I'm once again becoming an A&F girl.

It's truly a "never say never" type of scenario because the brand has entered a new era of cool, and I'm suddenly backtracking. Sitting down to scroll through the products as a late 20-something, I was pleasantly surprised to find a trove of really pretty and elevated pieces like linen skirt sets and drop-waist dresses that I can 100% see myself wearing today. Ahead, shop the 32 new items I'm loving now and know you will be too.

Drama is right. Entire character arcs and plotlines emerge when you wear this dress.

The kind of piece that looks just as good with the matching skirt as it does with slouchy jeans.

Getting that "Chanel girl" look has never been easier. 

I have a feeling this shade of green will be everywhere this summer.

This bag is mentally transporting me to the Hamptons—or, better yet, St. Tropez.

If, like me, you missed out on *that* viral drop-waist dress from last summer, this style is a pretty similar alt.

I'd wear this with chunky earrings and a big blazer for the ultimate '80s feel.

Tube dresses were a major spring/summer 2023 runway trend.

A set I'd wear to the office and then to drinks after.

Gen Z loves prairie skirts like this, and now, I do too.