This $88 Abercrombie Dress Went Viral on TikTok Thanks to a Chic 61-Year-Old


(Image credit: @californiaistoocasual)

Yep, I'm your typical millennial who was absolutely obsessed with Abercombie in the early 2000s. We were a dime a dozen back then. (And no, I will not reveal my embarrassing AIM screenname homage to the brand.) Nowadays, A&F is back in the good graces of Gen Z thanks to TikTok, but they're far from the only ones appreciating the brand's revival. 

Fashion industry veteran Gym Tan (AKA @californiaistoocasual) recently posted a video of herself wearing Abercrombie's Strappy Plunge Corset Maxi Dress ($88), citing a TikToker in her 20s as inspiration. The video quickly went viral and has racked up over 1.4 million views and 1900 comments (and counting). 61-year-old Tan, who has experience in the industry on both the creative and commercial sides, just proved once and for all that age is nothing but a number.

It makes sense that Abercrombie has been able to widen its customer base after extricating itself from the logo hoodies, polo shirts, and graphic tees of yore. Scroll down to see how she styled it, view her viral TikTok, and then shop it for yourself. 


(Image credit: @californiaistoocasual)

On Gym Tan: Abercrombie Strappy Plunge Corset Maxi Dress (sold out; very similar dress available here); Jil Sander shoes; Chikahisa Studio earrings; Mejuri necklace


#stitch with @oliviaamcdowell can’t wait for us to twin when I visit nyc 🫶 #abercrombie @Abercrombie and Fitch #abecrombiefind #abecrombiehaul

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Dress is called "Strappy Plunge Corset Maxi" I got mine in XS #PrimeDayDreamDeals #fyp #TRYON #HAUL #abercrombieandfitch

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