Sorry to My Neutral Polish—Strawberry Nails Is Summer’s Cutest Manicure Trend By Far

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of neutral nail polish. I wear the same shades all year round as they go with everything in my wardrobe and always look chic. I do try and mix it up now and again, but it takes a lot for me to venture out of my comfort zone.

However, there is one particular nail trend that might have just convinced me to switch things up this summer. That's right, I'm talking about strawberry nails. I feel like fruity nail designs always come back in style in the warmer months, but there's something about strawberry nails that is just so cute. It seems that I'm not the only one who thinks so, as according to Google Trends, searches for strawberry nails are soaring.

The best bit about this trend is that it's actually really versatile. Sure, you can opt for strawberry nail art, but if you prefer a more minimal aesthetic, you can also try strawberry jelly nail shades or strawberry red French tips. Below, I've rounded up five of my favourite ways to wear the strawberry nail trend this summer, so keep on scrolling for all the inspo...

5 Ways to Wear the Strawberry Nail Trend This Summer

1. Strawberry Nail Art

@haileybieber strawberry manicure

(Image credit: @haileybieber)

Ok, how cute is this strawberry nail art? This is one of my favourite ways to wear the trend, and I love how Hailey Bieber has gone for nail art on two of her nails and kept the rest of her manicure simple and chic.

@betina_goldstein strawberry nail art

(Image credit: @betina_goldstein)

This nail art is so lifelike that it's making me want to go and buy some strawberries ASAP.

2. Bright Strawberry-Red Shades

@paintedbyjools bright red manicure

(Image credit: @paintedbyjools)

Prefer something a bit more simple? Why not opt for a bright red, strawberry nail polish shade? This manicure is so timeless.

@harrietwestmoreland red manicure

(Image credit: @harrietwestmoreland)

Opt for a glossy finish to keep this manicure feeling fresh.

3. Strawberry-Red French Tips

@harrietwestmoreland red French tips

(Image credit: @harrietwestmoreland)

For something really chic, you can't go wrong with strawberry red French tips. This micro design is so on trend.

@iramshelton red French tips

(Image credit: @iramshelton)

This nail art looks so polished, and it's the perfect way to wear the classic French tip trend in summer.

4. Strawberry Jelly Nails

@imarninails jelly red nail polish

(Image credit: @imarninails)

Jelly nails have been trending for a while now, and I think they are the perfect choice for the season ahead. This sheer, juicy red shade is so fun.

@themaniclub sheer red manicure

(Image credit: @themaniclub)

It's giving summer.

5. Deep Strawberry-Red Shades

@paintedbyjools deep red manicure

(Image credit: @paintedbyjools)

Want something really timeless? A deep strawberry red will never go out of style.

@harrietwestmoreland deep red manicure

(Image credit: @harrietwestmoreland)

So chic.

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