Charlotte Tilbury Just Re-Created Drew Barrymore's Y2K Charlie's Angels Makeup Look

Let us paint you a picture: It's 2003, and the new Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle movie is premiering. Lights flash and cameras shutter, as the stars—Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu—hit the red carpet. Barrymore appears in her iconic rock-chic look. She's wearing black, smudged-out eyeliner. Her lashes are full. Her golden blonde hair is long and tousled in that effortless, "I just got out of bed" way.

Now, let's bring it back to 2024. A full 21 years later, we're still just as obsessed with Barrymore's beauty look as we were back then. It's the epitome of the grungy Y2K aesthetic worn by the likes of Kate Moss and Christina Aguilera, and it's lived inside our heads rent-free this entire time.

Imagine our delight when we saw that Charlotte Tilbury—legendary makeup artist and founder of the eponymous beauty brand—just re-created Barrymore's iconic look alongside celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton. It happened ahead of a taping of The Drew Barrymore Show. The "dream team," as Barrymore called them, absolutely nailed the look—down to the dark, shimmery eye shadow and textured blonde hair. Keep scrolling to see the nostalgia-fueled re-creation!

The Original References

Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore, and Cameron Diaz at the Charlie's Angels premiere

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Here, Barrymore is pictured alongside her co-stars, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz. They're attending the Los Angeles movie premiere. The Y2K aesthetic is strong.

Drew Barrymore in 2000

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Another version of Barrymore's rock-chic look, this picture was taken at the New York movie premiere. Notice her green-blue eye shadow that's blended up towards her brows and her t-shirt that reads, "My boyfriend is out of town." An icon.

The 2024 Update

Drew Barrymore

(Image credit: @drewbarrymore)

Tilbury exclusively used makeup products from her eponymous brand to re-create the look, which she described as a mix between Barrymore's 2003 look and "a bit of Kate Moss rock chick." Brilliant. Meanwhile, Appleton used a wig to temporarily transform her brown hair into that iconic tousled blonde one. It's safe to say they nailed it. She looks exactly like she did in 2003.

When Barrymore saw the final look, she was delighted. "I feel like that girl again!" she said while looking at her reflection. "I do feel like I'm back at the Charlie's Angels 2 premiere. I can't stop smiling."

Later on in the show, Barrymore confessed, "Today I feel different about myself. I'm a little bit remembering who I am. You [Charlotte] have given me back something today I haven't been in touch with in years.”

Keep scrolling to see every single makeup product Tilbury used.

The Complexion Products

The Eye Products

The Lip Products

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