This "Quiet Luxury" Hair Color Is Versatile and Flatters All Skin Tones

Rosé from Blackpink with champagne blonde hair

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Quiet luxury has made its mark on the fashion-and-beauty scene, referring to understated, high-quality basics and chic minimalism accompanied by a little something extra without screaming its presence out loud. For hair, this means classic yet elevated colors that just look expensive: rich espresso, golden caramel, apricot red, and today's topic, champagne blonde. I mean, even the name exudes luxury!

The high-shine shade is certainly popular among celebrities—seen on the locks of Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid, Zoë Kravitz, and more—but the best thing about this hue is that it's versatile, so it will never truly go out of style. We don't know when the TikTok-led quiet luxury aesthetic will fall out of favor (although, it shows no sign of slowing down), but no matter—champagne blonde hair will always stay on-trend.

I spoke to three professional hairstylists about how to achieve this expensive-looking hair color, their all-time favorite champagne blonde shades, and tips to ensure your blonde stays fresh and vibrant. Prepare to screenshot! Loads of stunning inspo pics lie ahead.

What Is Champagne Blonde Hair?

"Champagne blonde is a beige blonde," says celebrity colorist Rita Hazan. "It's not ash or golden; it's in the middle." Beige blonde, however, has some sandy undertones, whereas champagne blonde reads slightly more golden—just like a crisp glass of bubbly. "The color is very reminiscent of its namesake, champagne, making it appear much more natural and effortless compared to other shades of blonde," adds celebrity hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos.

Still, while it has more depth than an ashy or platinum blonde, the color doesn't have as much warmth as a true golden or honey shade. According to Lauren Mildice, colorist at Chicago's Maxine Salon, the popular hair color can even include casts of pink (think sparkling rosé). "This color gives off a prism/holographic effect to the hair since these colors are so subtle," she tells Who What Wear.

"You can use different placement methods such as balayage, highlights, teasy lights, etc., for your champagne blonde pieces," she continues. Decide which color method you'd like to use, or you can feel free to consult your colorist for help with the game plan. A professional can also help you personalize your champagne blonde tone to fit your skin undertones (more on that in just a moment!).

Who It's Best for

Champagne blonde hair flatters all skin tones; it just may require some tweaking to better suit your specific undertones. For instance, if you have cooler undertones in your skin, you'll want to opt for a cooler shade of champagne (like a platinum champagne blonde); those with warmer undertones, on the other hand, may want more of a golden champagne with a touch more warmth.

"The most important thing is to set up a consultation with your colorist to discuss your desired champagne shade," Hazan explains. They're the pros for a reason! They can tell you which champagne shade will enhance your features best.

"If you have a deeper complexion or more of an olive skin tone, add a root smudge or balayage with these tones within your hair so it doesn't take up your entire look," suggests Mildice. "Instead of just having solid champagne blonde throughout your entire head of hair, breaking it up with lowlights [that] complement your complexion will help." If you have fair skin with rosy undertones that tends to look washed out by ashy hues, she says a more golden shade of champagne will create a nice contrast.

That being said, champagne blonde is a versatile hair color that's easily adaptable based on your base shade. Below, check out some stunning variations to show your colorist.

14 Champagne Blonde Hair Ideas

1. Golden Champagne

Beyoncé with champagne blonde hair color

(Image credit: @ritahazan)

"Beyoncé has had this color in the past, and it complements her skin tone very well. It is a golden champagne," shares Hazan.

2. Champagne Bronde

Joey King with champagne blonde hair color

(Image credit: @dimitrishair)

Joey King's iconic "Prada bob" already exudes quiet luxury energy. Her warm champagne highlights serve as the cherry on top.

3. Icy Champagne

Nicole Scherzinger with champagne blonde hair

(Image credit: @dimitrishair)

Icy, silvery notes provide a stunning contrast for Nicole Scherzinger.

4. Warm Champagne


(Image credit: Getty Images)

This golden, lived-in champagne color looks incredible on Laverne Cox.

5. Buttery Champagne

Reese Witherspoon with champagne blonde hair

(Image credit: @reesewitherspoon)

Reese Witherspoon's buttery blonde shade warms up her skin quite nicely.

6. Beachy Champagne


(Image credit: Getty Images)

"Margot Robbie [in] 2024 is the ultimate warm beachy champagne blonde," says Hazan. "The roots are natural with warm highlights strategically dispersed throughout to look natural."

7. Platinum Champagne


(Image credit: Getty Images)

"This shade has a platinum base with silvery/icy highlights throughout, à la Zoë Kravitz [at the] 2017 Met Gala," Hazan notes.

8. Spiced Champagne

Rita Ora with champagne blonde hair

(Image credit: @ritaora)

Rita Ora's "chai latte color" adds some gorgeous dimension to champagne shade.

9. Bright and Golden Champagne

Jackie Aina with champagne blonde hair

(Image credit: Getty Images / Leon Bennett)

Jackie Aina's bright champagne locks have hints of gold, which complement her pearl-embellished gown.

10. Radiant Champagne

Sabrina Carpenter Met Gala 2024 makeup look

(Image credit: Getty Images John Shearer / Contributor)

Sabrina Carpenter's frosty eye makeup complemented her radiant champagne locks at the 2024 Met Gala.

11. Champagne With Blunt Bangs

Rihanna with champagne blonde hair

(Image credit: Getty Images / Neil Mockford)

Is there a style Rihanna can't pull off? I'm bookmarking her blonde, wispy bangs and red lip combo.

12. Shiny Champagne Curls

Jasmine Sanders with champagne blonde hair

(Image credit: @goldenbarbie)

Jasmine Sanders is arguably the queen of the champagne shade. Her bright blonde curls have so much dimension.

13. Rosé Champagne

Rosé from Blackpink with champagne blonde hair

(Image credit: Getty Images / Han Myung-Gu)

The hints of pink may be subtle on Blackpink's Rosé, but they add such a soft glow to her overall look.

14. Creamy Champagne

Gigi Hadid with champagne blonde hair color

(Image credit: @dimitrishair)

Luscious, golden, and high-shine are just three words I'd use to describe Giannetos's look for Gigi Hadid.

How to Care for Champagne Blonde Hair

Hazan, Giannetos, and Mildice all agree: A color-safe shampoo and conditioner are nonnegotiable. You may even want to incorporate a gloss into the rotation to revitalize the color and add shine, Hazan notes, as well as a purple shampoo or treatment to neutralize any brassy tones.

Heat protection is also key for extending the longevity of hair color. "Applying heat directly onto your hair without a protectant will cause your color molecules to escape, not to mention the damage it will cause!" says Mildice. Get yourself a good heat protectant and coat your strands before even thinking about picking up the hot tool.

Other than that, champagne blonde is a fairly low-maintenance hair color to keep up between appointments. Below, you can find some expert-approved product recs to help keep the tones vibrant and healthy.

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