Between Us, These Shampoos and Conditioners Will Make Your Color Last Longer

If you have color-treated hair, you might know that there are a number of things you can do to preserve the color and vibrancy of your strands. And honestly, if you're paying a ton of money to get your hair colored, you're going to want to make sure it looks good for a long time. Some things you can do include watching the temperature of the water when you're washing your hair, avoiding excessive heat styling, limiting your hair washing, and using the right haircare products.

For that last one, you'll especially want to make sure you're using shampoo and conditioner that won't strip your hair color or make it duller. Formulas that are hydrating and conditioning will also help keep your hair healthy and your color looking good.

Below, take a look at some of our picks for the best shampoos and conditioners for color-treated hair.

20 Best Shampoos and Conditioners for Color Treated Hair



Best Purple Shampoo: Olaplex No.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Purple Shampoo

This shampoo does a great job of repairing any damage and rebuilding bonds. It boosts brightness and vibrancy for blonde, lightened, and gray hair.

What a reviewer says: "I have used so many purple shampoos. This is by far my favorite! I used this shampoo one time, and left it in for five minutes. It got all the yellow tones out of my blonde!! People were asking me if I had just gotten my hair done! Every purple shampoo I used before this did not really do much for the yellow in my hair. So I am obsessed. I will def keep using this!! Thank you, Olaplex!!"

Best Shampoo for Highlighted Hair: Leonor Greyl Paris Beautifying Shampoo for Highlighted Hair

Getting your hair highlighted can really do a number on it, so this shampoo is key for protecting the color and also nourishing your strands. It can also treat a sensitive scalp.

What a reviewer says: "I've been getting highlights about every six weeks the past two years and my hair needed some help! My stylist recommended this shampoo specifically created for highlighted/damaged hair. It has worked wonders! Not your typical lather, soapy shampoo but it works incredibly."

Best Conditioner for Highlighted Hair: Leonor Greyl Paris Crème de Soin a l'Amarante Conditioner

And in addition to the above shampoo, try this conditioner, which leaves your hair soft. It contains antioxidant-rich amaranth and vegetal oils to protect hair color and shield it from UV rays.

What a reviewer says: "I have dry, color treated hair that's also super thin. This conditioner leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth and I've noticed less breakage from the color. I'd definitely recommend this and will be purchasing again once my bottle runs out!"

Best Shampoo for Bleached Hair: Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery Shampoo

Bleaching can also leave you with dried-out, damaged hair if you don't give it some TLC. This silicone-free and gentle shampoo strengthens your hair and prevents any breakage.

What a reviewer says: "Love this product! I've been bleaching my hair for well over 10 years. After using this product for quite some time, I can truthfully say that this is the healthiest my hair has been in a VERY long time!!! I use the whole line, the shampoo, the water treatment, the leave in conditioner, and the protein spray. They all smell amazing, and leave my hair feeling soft and healthy! MUST HAVE!"

Best Conditioner for Bleached Hair: Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery Cica Cream Leave In Conditioner

Add some hydration to your dry, bleached hair witht his leave-in conditioner. It's formulated with cica, which deeply conditions and leaves your hair looking soft and shiny.

What a reviewer says: "I had curly hair. I said 'had' because the bleached killed my hair. I had a crazy moment where I wanted to go blonde. So I did! But of course I suffered the consequences. My hair lost its volume, its curls, and felt like gum! Super thin! When I showered it would take hours for my hair to dry out! I tried this product and OMG this stuff works. I can brush my hair, and it definitely helped my hair to get stronger. I am definitely buying more. Give it a try!"

Best Blue Shampoo: John Frieda Blue Crush for Brunettes Blue Shampoo

This shampoo will help you say goodbye to brassy, orange-y brunette hair. It contains crushed blue pigments and works well on both color-treated and natural brunette hair.

What a reviewer says: "I used this shampoo one time and my hair is so soft and glossy that I thought I used the conditioner by accident. The orange tones have calmed down."

Best Blue Conditioner: John Frieda Blue Crush for Brunettes Blue Conditioner

John Frieda's blue conditioner works to provide your hair with deep hydration while also protecting its color.

What a reviewer says: "The conditioner smells so good and has a light blue thick creamy consistency. After using both products (the shampoo and conditioner) for the past week and a half, I am very impressed. My hair is soft, smooth, shiny, and the color just looks more rich and vibrant. My hair is natural, but these products are meant for natural or color-treated hair which I think is cool. I also feel like the price is fair for the amount of product you get. Overall, I'm loving this shampoo and conditioner duo and I would highly recommend them for all my brunette friends!"

Best Drugstore Pick: L'Oréal Paris EverPure Moisture Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner for Color-Treated Hair

Both the shampoo and conditioner are infused with rosemary to treat dry hair, leave it looking shiny, and add a hint of scent. The gentle formula doesn't strip your hair and protects color, leaving it pure for up to four weeks.

What a reviewer says: "If you have color treated hair, especially any dye with red in it, this is the shampoo and conditioner for you!! Very moisturizing and your hair color stays put!!! Two very large tubes for the price. I will not buy any other shampoo again!!"

Best Luxury Shampoo: Oribe Shampoo for Beautiful Color

This formula contains bioflavonoids to protect the hair color, baobab-tree extract to hydrate even the driest strands, and Oribe's Signature Complex, which protects the hair from environmental damage.

What a reviewer says: "Worth every penny! This stuff has changed the quality and health of my hair. Just like I left the salon every time. Extends my hair color for longer time in between salon visits."

Best Luxury Conditioner: Oribe Conditioner for Beautiful Color

And Oribe's conditioner counterpart is formulated with plant-derived glycerin for moisture and shine, a multilayered UV protection system, and like the shampoo, Oribe's Signature Complex. It does a good job of protecting against any fading.

What a reviewer says: "I have color-treated hair that gets dry and frizzy if I'm not careful. This conditioner has completely changed my hair, making it soft and so much healthier looking. It is very expensive so it took me awhile to actually buy it, but it has lasted me such a long time. I bought the big bottle and it has been over eight months and I still have half the bottle left so it lasts. Keep in mind you only need the smallest amount since it is so rich."

20 Best Shampoos and Conditioners for Color Treated Hair



Best Cleanser for Curly Hair: Devacurl No-Poo Blue Anti-Brass Zero Lather Toning Cleanser

Use this toning cleanser to reduce brassiness and nourish and enhance your curls. It has a "Smart Porosity Neutralizing Complex," which helps equalize porosity.

What a reviewer says: "This product was such a great product. It helped my wavy hair become more defined and I had tighter waves. This also helped with my colored hair as I have it dyed a light brown color and this really toned my hair and helped it not become so brassy. I really loved this toning cleanser and will definitely be purchasing again in the future."

Best Clean Shampoo: Innersense Color Awakening Hairbath

Good for all hair types, this gentle cleansing shampoo revitalizes the hair and enhances color. Ingredients include coconut and pumpkin-seed oils, shea butter, and other emollient plant ingredients.

What a reviewer says: "Love this shampoo for my colored hair. It helps sustain the color longer between appointments than other cleaner brands have in the past. I also love that the bottles are refillable! Definitely recommend."

Best Clean Conditioner: Innersense Color Radiance Daily Conditioner

Innersense's color-safe conditioner provides intense moisture, but the lightweight formula won't weigh your hair down or leave buildup. It's formulated with rice-bran oil, aloe vera, avocado, sunflower extract, emollient oils, and flower essences.

What a reviewer says: "I have curly, color-treated, extra damaged hair and this has brought it back to life without being too heavy!"

More Shampoos and Conditioners to Try

Redken Color Extend Blondage Color Depositing Purple Shampoo

There are pure violet pigments in this shampoo to erase any brassiness. Plus, it contains citric acid to help repair and strengthen your strands' core.

What a reviewer says: "I've been using different 'purple' shampoos since I changed my hair color. I've been pleased with prior purchases but this shampoo is by far the most luxurious feeling shampoo that cleans with just one wash and rinses nicely. A light conditioner is all that is needed after shampooing."

R+Co Gemstone Color Shampoo

Great for all hair colors, R+Co's Gemstone shampoo preserves color while also leaving it looking and feeling healthy. Ingredients include pea extract, golden-root extract, rice extract, and hibiscus extract. Plus, it's got an amazing fragrance with notes of Sicilian lemon, amber, eucalyptus, tangerine, tree moss, and green tea.

What a reviewer says: "Have been using this shampoo for a while and it's great. Gentle for color-treated hair (helps preserve my blonde highlights) and does not dry my hair out."

R+Co Gemstone Color Conditioner

The Gemstone conditioner also protects the hair color and nourishes your strands from root to tip, leaving them looking shiny and feeling so soft. Plus, it has the same delicious scent as the shampoo version.

What a reviewer says: "This R+Co is amazing and smells good, leaving my hair feeling great throughout. It also keeps my color intact as I balayage my dark Asian hair blonde three times a year and tone it frequently. This conditioner saves me between salon visits. Also recommended by my hairstylist."

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo

The key ingredients in this formula include jojoba (for moisturizing), green tea (to promote scalp health), and sage (to support the hair follicles).

What a reviewer says: "I have thin, dry hair. This has completely transformed my hair and I have been getting a lot of compliments."

Pureology Hydrate Conditioner

Best for normal to thick dry and color-treated hair, this creamy conditioner deeply moisturizes, leaving hair so soft.

What a reviewer says: "This conditioner along with the matching shampoo has made my bleached damaged hair so much thicker and healthier. Worth every penny if you're thinking about buying do it."

Shu Uemura Color Lustre Sulfate-Free Shampoo for Color Treated Hair

This sulfate-free shampoo is designed to gently cleanse the hair while promoting shine. It contains musk-rose oil to deeply nourish hair and goji-berry extract to prevent oxidation and fading.

What a reviewer says: "This shampoo is very good at cleansing and not stripping my color. I love it a lot and I recommend it to everyone who colors their hair."

Shu Uemura Color Lustre Conditioner for Color Treated Hair

If you're also dealing with frizz, this conditioner will manage that and add some shine.

What a reviewer says: "One of my favorite conditioners, it leaves my hair so soft, not weighed down and completely tangle-free. It also doesn't dull the highlights in my hair, it keeps my hair shiny and vibrant."