These Gen Z–Approved Beauty Brands Tap Into Niche Aesthetics

Sarah Sol Gen Z Says Most Aesthetic Beauty Brands
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Gen Z Says is a bimonthly column chronicling the latest trends in the fashion-and-beauty space through the lens of Who What Wear's own Gen Z editors. Expect a download on the upcoming class of tastemakers, emerging designers, and shopping and style choices straight from the generation setting the trends.

One thing I'll always be proud to share about myself is my undying appreciation of aesthetics. I love pretty things and working in an industry that's constantly coming up with new ones to fall in love with through the ever-changing landscape of haircare, skincare, perfumery, and more. While I can't speak for all members of Gen Z, I can say with confidence that our unique connection with social media is driven by niche aesthetics, whether they're given a short, entertaining name; aren't associated with a "core"; or draw inspiration from fictional characters and historical figures.

In this edition of Gen Z Says Beauty, we'll be digging into some extremely popular and less commercialized brands that deserve attention for their cutting-edge formulas, accessibility across multiple markets, and packaging so aesthetic they'll cause heart palpitations (non-fatal, of course). Trust me when I say that once you fall in love with these like I have, it'll always be pretty products over everything else.

Dawn Tan Gen Z Says Most Aesthetic Beauty Brands

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So why not populate your beauty cabinet with products that look as pretty as they make you feel when you get your hands on them? There's no need to sacrifice style and performance for the effectiveness of a beauty product alone (and I have a bathroom counter full of eye-catching items to prove it). With the continued help and guidance of my For You page on TikTok, I've pieced together a guide for the most aesthetic beauty brands and products on the market. No matter what your personal style and vibe is, there's a good chance your perfect beauty brand match is below.

Kindred Black Gen Z Says Most Aesthetic Beauty Brands

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Officine Universelle Buly Gen Z Says Most Aesthetic Beauty Brands

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Tenoverten Gen Z Says Most Aesthetic Beauty Brands

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Vacation Inc. Gen Z Says Most Aesthetic Beauty Brands

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Typology Gen Z Says Most Aesthetic Beauty Brands

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