The 38 Most Beautiful Fashion Items on the Internet Right Now, Starting at $18

Beautiful fashion items



Not to get dark, but things are pretty bleak in our country right now. It's just impossible to ignore. Wanting to shop for—or even just look at—beautiful things to cheer yourself up with is an understandable desire. And the seasons are changing soon, so there's tons of fresh stock at your favorite e-tailers to peruse. But instead of leaving you to your own devices to navigate the web, I did a deep dive into some of my personal favorite retailers and brands, uncovering many beautiful things along the way. 

 Below, you'll find a mish-mash of summer, fall, and year-round items that you'll either want to stare at all day or promptly order. Either way, it's a worthy scroll, if you ask me. Do just that and you'll find shoes, masks, dresses, sleepwear, and many more items that get an 11 on the beautiful things meter. Hope you enjoy shopping it all as much as I did sourcing it.

Just add denim shorts and gold jewelry to channel Aimee Song.

Is it just me or do Natori bras just keep getting prettier?

I recently ordered this and can vouch that it's even prettier in person.

One day I'll stop longingly staring at these pants and just order them.

I haven't seen a slip dress I love as much as this one in awhile.

Yes, this is a mask and yes, I'm obsessed with it.

If I had some parties to go to this fall, this is what I'd wear.

I would gladly spend the last few weeks of summer wearing this as much as possible.

If these aren't a great little pick-me-up, I don't know what is.

I have plenty of cardigans already, but none are as special as this.

Behold: the perfect fall jacket to wear with jeans.

In case you want something a little more fall-friendly, it comes in black too.

Chain-embellished shoes are quickly becoming one of fall's biggest trends. No complaint from me.

I don't plan on tiring of frilly collars anytime soon.

And just like that, no other hoodies matter to me.

I'm here to remind you that fall bags don't have to be boring.

I own a Lisa Says Gah mask and they're so good, I'm tempted to order a few more.

I call this $58 of fun (and it comes in black too).

Pro tip: Nordstrom's namesake in-house line makes great pajamas.

I virtually visit these every few days (can you blame me?).

I can't think about heavy sweaters just yet, but this, on the other hand…

Wow, this looks good with sneakers.

I took a break from buying sweats, but I think it may be time to start back up.

I'm daydreaming about wearing this with a tucked-in sweater and knee-high boots.

My old robe is suddenly dead to me.

It's easy to see why this dress is a hit among celebs and influencers.

This may be pricey for a face mask but I swear it's worth it—just read the reviews.

I'm actually looking forward to wearing jeans again soon. This top is motivating me.

You can at least pretend you're on vacation when wearing this.

It's easy to see why these keep selling out.

I'm placing bets on which celebrity carries this first (but I'm leaning toward Kendall Jenner).

This makes me want to wear off-the-shoulder tops again.

Meet every fashion person's new favorite It French brand.

Here's the skirt, because you might as well complete the set.