34 Fall Nordstrom Items I'd Buy Even If I Weren't a Fashion Editor

Best fall Nordstrom shopping



I can say without a doubt that I have never been more ready for fall, even though many of the typical fall activities we know and love will probably be canceled (that's 2020 for ya). I find myself outside more than ever these days, and it's just too hot, so I'm looking forward. But the fact of the matter is that we have at least another month left of excessive heat this year, so to cope, I'm starting my fall shopping now, and where better to do so than Nordstrom? They have everything you could possibly need for the season.

As a fashion editor, I'll be the first to admit that I occasionally wear things that may be a little more "out there" than some people are willing to try, but most of what I wear is, well, wearable. So I'm focusing on the latter here. The Nordstrom items that caught my eye when putting this story together are a good mix of basics, accessible trends, shoes, and pieces for working out and lounging at home. As the title of this story suggests, they would appeal to me no matter what my vocation may be. Scroll on to shop your new fall wardrobe builders along with me.

This is a great deal for a classic blazer you'll wear for years to come.

Ganni always comes out of the gate with cute dresses that are worth the splurge.

I can't resist a pair of fluffy Ugg slippers.

I have this mask in pink and love it so much that I'm contemplating getting it in leopard.

A clunky sole makes every outfit cooler.

You're probably going to want to trade your bike shorts for leggings once fall hits.

This isn't necessarily "fall" but it's a great supportive, comfortable soft bra, so in it goes.

I'm currently shopping for pull-on pants that don't look like pull-on pants.

I challenge you to find a more perfect summer-to-fall bag.

Prepare to hear "cute pants" a lot when wearing these.

Chelsea boots look so much fresher with the addition of a square toe.

Something about a change in seasons makes me want to buy new pajamas.

Trust me when I tell you that Madewell makes great skinny jeans.

This pretty bra looks completely seamless under sweaters and tees.

As comfortable as sweatpants, but so much chicer.

If I splurge on a fall sweater, it's going to be this one.

Butterflies will continue to be a thing. Layer an oversized blazer over this to carry it into fall.

Just because summer is ending doesn't mean you have to stop wearing Birkenstocks.

One shirt, so many different future outfits.

Obvious statement: This print goes with everything.

Now's the time to start thinking about fall basics.

Such good jeans—get them before they're gone.

Not surprised this is already selling out.

These are referred to as summer sneakers, but I'd wear them all year long.

A fresh update on last winter's black and white houndstooth trend.