12 Pieces My Boyfriend and I Actually Agree On

4 fall trends my boyfriend and I actually agree on



Let me preface this story by saying my boyfriend has great style—don't get me wrong. But as with any relationship, we have opposing views on certain issues, especially in the trend department. There have been many instances where I walk in jazzed about an outfit and his reaction is, well, less than enthused. I've learned from trial and error that he's not a fan of the neon trend, can't stand dad sneakers, and don't even get him started on bike shorts. I guess relationships are about compromise, right?

There are a few 2019 trends he and I are in complete agreement on though, so I thought it could be fun to share the pieces my boyfriend Shane and I are both into right now. Even though I dress for myself, sometimes you just want to feel like your fashion efforts are appreciated, amirite? From nouveau knitwear to knee-high boots, the below four trends have been given the official green light by both of us.


While truthfully we're both into blazers of all kinds, we agree that a belted blazer feels more current. They give off a cool vibe while also showing off your waist with the cinched belt. Shane also gave belted blazer dresses a thumbs-up, which I happen to be super into right now as well.

Between the neckline and belt, I can't decide what I like most. 


While a leather jacket will always be in style, this season is about all leather everything—from shirts to pants to trench coats. Shane agrees that adding a leather separate to any look immediately makes it feel cooler and more elevated. He's partial to leather pants and coats, while I'm itching to add a luxe leather shirt to my closet. 

The perfect leather dress does exist.

The stud details on this skirt give it a little something extra.


I jumped on the knee-high-boot trend a while ago, so I already knew Shane was on board given the compliments I've received. What I wasn't expecting, though, was that he was into the straight-leg jeans tucked into knee-high boots outfits I've been seeing everywhere lately. I'm a huge fan as I feel it looks effortlessly cool, but I assumed he would give a hard pass to this trend. To my surprise, he said it reminds him of the '90s in a refreshing way.

Talk about a boot that goes with everything.

These come in three different calf width sizes so you can tailor them perfectly to your body. 


Knitwear 2.0 is a far cry from the librarian cardigans and boring sweaters of the past. This fall, knits in unexpected pieces are all I can think about. From crop tops to shrunken cardis to matching sets, nouveau knitwear makes cozy material chic and cool. 

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