The 10 Reasons This Shoe Trend Is Back From the Dead

Could a shoe trend you wore in high school be cool again? That's the question I posed to my fellow Who What Wear editors concerning the emergence of wedges. It brands like Staud, LoQ, and Maryam Nassir Zadeh have been churning out wedges that are a far cry from the ones you owned in 2002, and plenty of people are jumping on board right now. But what do editors really think of the trend?

As it turns out, our Who What Wear team is overwhelmingly in favor of wedges, with all the editors confirming they are indeed stylish and none of the editors giving them a thumbs down. Even though we work in close proximity to each other, our tastes naturally differ. For instance, one editor is against espadrille wedges, while another is on board with this specific interpretation of the trend. (Kate Middleton is a fan of espadrille wedges, by the way.) Scroll down to see what Who What Wear editors think of wedges and shop our picks.


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"Unlike the chunky platform styles that reigned in the '90s, this new crop of shoes is sleeker and strappier for an all-around fresher take that I'm totally on board with. This Tony Bianco pair is idling in my cart. Maybe I'll take the plunge on them now that I've been peer-pressured to try wedges 2.0 by my co-workers."


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"I'm not going to lie. There was definitely a period of time where I personally disliked wedges, but ever since Maryam Nassir Zadeh introduced her Olympia wedge to the world, I've been forever changed. I love how flattering this shoe is on literally everyone's feet, as the 'naked' element gives the illusion that your legs go on forever since there are no ankle straps to cut off the natural line of your leg."


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"There are some cool wedges on the market right now, but I sometimes can't help but associate them with bad 2000s fashion—sorry! The trick is finding the right pair that feels truly fresh and sleek, like this version by Phillip Lim."


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"I didn't anticipate the return of wedges but suddenly find myself inspired to wear them. I'm gravitating toward sleek, '90s-inspired pairs like these from Reike Nen."


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"Perhaps I'm just biased toward any shoe trend that happens to also be comfortable, but I, for one, am elated by the return of the wedge. They're no longer clunky like the ones from a decade ago and can actually look really cool when paired with jeans."


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"Honestly, wedges were the first kind of heel I ever felt comfortable in, and I also appreciate that they're a more casual, easy way to upgrade whatever I'm wearing. I currently have my eye on this clean white slip-on style."


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"Shoe trends come and go, but in my opinion, wedges are a forever staple. There are some seriously cool styles around this season—from mock croc to PVC—but I'm updating my espadrille wedges with this chic and versatile pair."


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"I'm down with the return of the wedge, but only if it's a slim one that's preferably less than three inches. I can't condone a high, clunky wedge. I've seen lots of chic, modern interpretations of the trend this season, the below style being one of them."


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"I'm into it, but I haven't actually pulled the trigger yet. Is it because I view the trend as not absolutely necessary to buy into, unlike the barely-there strappy sandal trend? Maybe. If I do buy into it, I know for sure that they'll have to feel like a fresh iteration like Staud's version—no espadrille wedges here, please. The other way I'd approach the trend is to get a vintage pair that is so out of this world that it sort of sidesteps the whole trend conversation."


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"I don't know if it's because it's still too soon for me to reclaim a trend whose peak existed during my most deeply un-chic years (the early to mid-2000s aka my middle school years), but the truth is that most of the dressier/more self-serious wedges I've seen cropping up in the market are not my cup of tea. What I can get on board with, however, are flatform wedges, particularly in sportier and more playful iterations like these neoprene sandals. I can easily see myself palling around in these this summer."

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